Summary: It refutes atheism, because the universe was created by God. It refutes pantheism. It refutes polytheism, for one God created all things not many gods. It refutes humanism, because God, not man, is the ultimate reality. It refutes evolutionism, because God created all things.

Ron Auch Jr

Prayer House AG

Feb 9th 2020

Fundamental truth # 4 The FALL OF MAN

What would be the trigger word for truth #4? : Door

For this scene we will focus on the door going into your bedroom. This door has a hook centered on it near the top of the door.

Now, you are coming down the hallway to your bedroom, you are looking at the floor while walking, but as you get closer to your door, you look up! To your surprise, there is a man hanging by the back of his shirt collar on the hook. The second you notice him the hook breaks and the man immediately falls to the ground, unhurt but shocked.

That is all you need to picture to remember, fundamental truth #4 is THE FALL OF MAN.

The Assemblies of God (the fellowship we are a part of) founded itself on 16 fundamental truths. Though today’s message is basically an introduction to truth # 4 (the Fall of Man) we are going to look into the Creation and how man fell from grace.

I image there are many in our congregation and around the country and world who pay very little attention to what our doctrines are as Assemblies of God. So I’m hoping this will encourage you about our church as well as the Assemblies of God as an organization.

One of the things I emphasize in our membership class is the fact that the Assemblies of God is not a denomination. We are officially a cooperative fellowship. This organization was founded in 1914. When the Pentecostal movement hit our nation back around 1906 there was very little structure and all sorts of wildfire, snake-handling, and strange manifestations were happening all in the name of Pentecostalism.

In an effort to disassociate with the craziness and yet proclaim their Pentecostalism our founding fathers got together and established the Assemblies of God as a cooperative fellowship rather than a denomination, we knew there would be no way to denominatidonalize the moving of the Holy Spirit.

A cooperative fellowship is simply that. If you want to be an Assemblies of God church all you need to do is agree to corporate with the 16 fundamental truths that the founding fathers put together (plus a few other things)but there is no special under or handshakes or other freely stuff like that.…

We are as close to being an independent church as you can be and yet be a part of an organization.

We are independent in the sense that our district officials really have no role to play in the everyday operation of our church outside however, they are there for your protection and for the fellowship as-well-as being my spiritual authority.

These 16 fundamental truths have stood the test of time. Not only are they the doctrinal positions held to by The Assemblies of God but also by our church.

Fortunately for you and I, our movement has never felt the need to alter our 16 fundamental truths in any way since their adoption over a 100 years ago.

Of the 16 truths, 4 of them are considered our Cardinal Doctrines. 1. The Salvation of Man, we believe there is no way to have eternal life but by being born-again, 2. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, we believe God gave the church this gift on the day of Pentecost to help us live the overcoming life, 3. Divine Healing, our official position regarding divine healing is that it is always God’s will to heal. Isaiah prophesied that the stripes Jesus took on his back were for our healing. 4. The Blessed Hope, which speaks to our position that we believe Jesus is coming back for his bride through what we call the rapture of the church.

Today we are going to look at Creation and the Fall of Man. Though creation is not one of the 16 fundamental truths, it plays a pertinent role in the doctrine of the fall of man.

Through most of it’s history the A/G have held to the young earth theory – that the earth is approximately 6000 years old and that God created it all in 6 – 24hour days.

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

It has often been pointed out that, If a person really believes Genesis 1:1, he will not find it difficult to believe anything else recorded in the Bible.

That is, if God really created all things, then He controls all things and can do all things.

Furthermore, this one verse refutes all of man's false philosophies concerning the origin and meaning of the world.

It refutes atheism, because the universe was created by God.

It refutes pantheism (the belief that God is everything and everything is God).

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