Summary: I am so glad to be a part of this family, the family of God!

The Family of God

Matthew 12:46 - 50

Many times we have made the statement that we are closer to the our church family than we are to our earthly family. Here in our text the Lord says that His family are those that are living for Him. I want to share with you four features of the Family of God.

I. The family of God is a distinguished Family

When we talk about being part of the family of God we are talking about being part of a family that is well to do and well off!

A. A family with great requirements - 12:50

B. A family with great relatives

* the father - 2 Co. 6:18

* the Son

* the Holy Ghost

* our brothers and sisters in Christ

C. A family with great riches

* The power of prayer

* The prosperity of God (supply of needs)

II. The family of God is a delivered Family

The family of God is a delivered family because our Father is a Deliverer! A Deliverer is one who Rescue from Danger! - 2 Tim 4:18, 2 Sam 22:2, Jer. 1:8

Galatians 4:6 - 7

A. No more bound by the devil

B. No more burdened by the debt

C. No more blinded by the darkness

III. The Family of God is to be a family of direction

We have directions for this life, goals and things that we should be accomplished.

A. Keep folks from going down

B. Give folks comfort when they look around

C. Get folks ready to go up

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