Summary: We always hear of the story of the Prodigal Son, this message is based on the greace and love of the Prodigal Father

The Father of the Prodigal Son

Luke 15: 11-24 an earthly illustration to show a heavenly view

I heard a song a while back, and I am not sure of the title, but it went something like this...

“The only time I seen him run, is when he came running to me.”

Showing that the Father has had compassion on man kind to run to there needs...

Ask the church to name a name of God, all His names are conquering names.

Vv 11

‘A certain man’ this phrase is a symbol of God’s concern for the lost.

In this chapter you see three stories: 1 of the lost sheep 2 of the lost coin and 3 the lost Son.

* The sheep and the coin are very different from the son. They were looked for diligently until ’they were found’. They could not make moral choices for themselves. They were not responsible for the situation they were in. Where as, the son made a choice to leave the Father house.

And he was, and is responsible for his situation.

Vv 12

It was against the Roman and Jewish law to dell out your portions while you were yet living.

In case your Family had a debt to pay off after that your father had died this happened before

the portions were giving out to the Family.

And when he did die, the oldest son received a double portion

Vv 13-14

Spent: Greek word meaning wasted: ’dapano’ remember that the Son spent and wasted all that he had

The Fathers resources had never ran out... And never will, the son just wasted what was given him.

Vv 15

Feeding the swine;

This was considered the worst job, it was degrading, and all nations held it in the same view.

This is why Jesus used this illustration, to show the people that were there this is how low sin will take you, to the very lowest points of life.

The depravity and misery of a lustful and sinful life will lead you to this point.

Vv 16

Fain: means eager to have, or long for:

He wanted to eat the just the husks that the pigs would eat. “But no man gave to him"

and if he would have taken from the swine as a servant they would have killed him.

So he did not eat.

Vv 17

Came to himself:

HIS condition of sin brought him to realize that his end was near:

A. he was away from home

B. he spent all he had

C. he had no friends

D. he had the worst job ever

E. death would be better

F. he came to himself; no one came to him like the coin and sheep in this chapter.

Vv 18

I have sinned:

This son knew the rules of the Fathers House.

He also knew that upon returning home that he would be happy to be a servant.

And he came there showing deep sorrow and humility before the Father for HIS wrong doing.

Hoping for grace, but happy to have the place of a servant.

>Bro. Ed Moore uses this history fact.

The son knew that he had done wrong by leaving the Father, and he also knew what had happened in the past by some servants, going from the Master of this house to another Master, and then returning. That there would be serious recourse when they returned; they always would be welcomed back, but at a price. The Master of the house would take part in this, the servant would return the same way the son did, on his knees in deep sorrow, and the Master of the house would step on the neck of the servant and put it out of joint, and the rest of his days he would walk with his head turned one certain way, identifying him as one that left and returned.

>The Son knowing this was willing to be made just like one of the servants.

But in the sons case he found Grace, and was welcomed in.

>The servants had no inner workings with the family, just enough to do the servant duties

>They were not allowed to inner act with the family and would receive no portion left to them from the


>Knowing all this, the son still went home. Not knowing what kind of welcome he would receive

But he knew, whatever it would be, is better than where he is now.

Vv 19

I am no more worthy:

This tells us that the son was no longer in fellowship with the Father. Even before leaving.

How do you know that? I am glad you asked.

If he would have been in fellowship with the Father, he of anybody would have known the love of the Father, and he would have never left such great love and fellowship.

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