Summary: In this day of "fluff and icing", "feel good", "me-centered" beliefs, sermons, and teachings, the church today has largely abandoned the call for holiness and separation from the world.

The first passage of Scripture listed is taken from Luke 12:4-5. It should be a sobering and frightening thought for any of us to even think about the way we who call ourselves followers of Jesus Christ have, for all practical purposes, have allowed the world to tell us what to think and say about the Scriptures, the person and work of Jesus and God's nature. For the sake of "getting along" and not "causing trouble", this idea of "letting things be" has accelerated our lapse into apathy as it pertains to reaching the lost with the gospel, citing the need for "tolerance" and to not cause "offense", or we tend to silently stand by and let people get away with outright insults and blasphemies toward the Sovereign God for fear of losing a job, or friends, or a relationship.

Too many of us are all too willing to give in to the plurality of the day and say that Jesus is A way to heaven, but certainly not the ONLY way as HE HIMSELF DECLARED (John 14:6), and verified by His apostles (Acts 4:12). We will talk about the Jesus of love and peace, deliberately neglecting the the fact that when He does return (Rev. 19:11-21), He is coming back as a warrior/conqueror and absolute Monarch to rid the world of evil and to kill all who oppose Him, sending them and the devil's minions to an eternal hell (Rev. 20:11-15). The Scriptures say that He will rule the revived world with a rod of iron. Deal with it.

Before all that occurs, those of us who were true believers in Christ were "raptured" to be with the LORD in heaven (John 14:1-3; 1 Corinthians 15:51-58; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 3:10). We attend the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and are to be judged by the Lord Jesus Christ for the service we did and did not perform (2 Corinthians 5:10). We will have to give an accounting for our service, with many people's "works" being burned because they had built a foundation of wood and stubble (1 Corinthians 3:11-15) instead of upon the precious metals and stones that represent the Word and true service. There are going to be a lot of believers who never grew beyond their initial salvation, failing to mature and live godly lives. We will not be judged for our salvation. That was procured on the cross by Jesus Christ. This judgment declares what rewards you will receive from Him, or what you could have had. Do not live a life for God that produces little or nothing.

I rarely hear preachers present sermons or teachings concerning the impending judgment of humanity. It may be that a lot of them would rather be seen as relevant, up-to-date, and acceptable in society. Preaching on hell and accountability is not in fashion (when has it ever been?). We are in an age where people, either in the category of sacred or secular, want to hear pleasant things that make them "feel good". After all ,is not "self-esteem" more important to God than living a holy life, a desire to please Him, and bear the good fruit of a devout life? Is there even such a concept as the "fear of God" today? Apparently not, as far as I can tell. So, what is on our minds that is more important than living a life dedicated to the LORD?

We are having far too good a time watching the latest celebrity calamity, the duties of the Royal Family, the post-election chaos and anger, the latest lame set of jokes and insults from comedians who are about as talented as a strip of month-old bacon, or "talking" with the latest set of "friends" on your social media outlet, or whatever method the devil can use to get your eyes and attention off Jesus. I shudder for the modern church and I confess that I have been guilty of a lot of what I have written down here. We all have to stop, put everything down, think, and reflect on just how good the LORD has been to unworthy scoundrels such as you and me. The question we need to seriously ask ourselves is how we can consciously disobey, ignore, or neglect the word of God or His direction, counsel, and undeserving love to chase a lot of junk, mud, and dung that does not matter in the end? I do not want anything to stand in the way of having the deep, meaningful, and loving relationship we all should have for Him. Our hearts need to break and should when we consider the time we have wasted or words unsaid that could have made a difference. Dear Lord God, please forgive and restore us.

I expect the world to be godless and evil. That is the nature of sinful humanity who wish to live apart from the grace and mercy of God to be both reprobate and reprehensible, daring Him to do something about it. The world thinks that this life will go on forever with no fear or concern for consequences or be held accountable for their behaviors. Just look around you. Christians are being slaughtered, maligned, mocked, and are more subject to brutal persecution now than ever, and few people even blink an eye in concern or care. The world system hates us, so explain to me why we are trying to imitate then with services and concepts that include laser and light shows, cool bands playing syrupy lyrics that sound like the Lord Jesus is an adolescent boyfriend or part of the "crew", or have so-called "preachers" who prefer to have "dialogues" instead of messages from Scripture who dress like an outdated member of a 90's "Grunge" band, with their hair in a "man bun" and sipping a latte' while on stage?

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