Summary: God created the human being, male & female in His image.


By Janice G. Johnson



Have you ever heard a sermon about God having a feminine side? I have not. We have all been taught to think of God in the masculine. I suppose it goes against the grain to say our God has a feminine side. After all, no one likes a sissy, so God could not possibly have a feminine side - could He? He is The Great I AM, The Lion of Judah, The Great Physician, The King of kings, The Lord of lords, Our Father, The Bridegroom, and to top it all off - Jesus came as male! So, God is always referred to in masculine gender. RIGHT?

Let us go directly to the beginning and look at God’s perspective of creation...Genesis 1:27 So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

Genesis 2:2 Male and female created He them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.

Today, I would like you to see God from a different perspective, from His feminine side.


When God created Adam, he had a relationship with God like no one has ever had - not to this day. Every evening, just as the sun was setting and the first evening star appeared, God walked with Adam in that luscious, flowering garden. Eden was full of fountains and pools with every plant imaginable. God’s affection for Adam was shown by the very existence of this garden, which expressed His devoted love. This love was much more passionate than the love Nebuchadnezzer had for his lovely bride when he built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

God wanted Adam to be happy and fulfilled. They would talk, sit by a brook, admire a flower, laugh at a frolicking animal, look out over a valley from a mountain peak, walk hand in hand, arm in arm, it was a love affair – much like that portrayed in the Song of Solomon. So what could Adam want more than this? After all, Adam was with God Himself - the very thing that we as Christians seek and yearn for to this day. God was the fulfillment of mans longing soul, and yet Adam was lonely? How could this be?

God understood that Adam was not satisfied or being fulfilled with these heavenly visits. So God said it is not good for man to be alone (lonely) so I will do something about it. I will give him an extension of Myself in a fleshly feminine form who will satisfy his loneliness.

So God created woman. She was presented to Adam as His most precious gift – and he was complete. The two became one and Adam was fulfilled.

Christianity has taught us that God is "Spirit" and we must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. What we have miserably failed to see, since the fall of mankind, is when God created man and woman, both were created in His image. God calls both man and woman ADAM. (Gen 2:2) His nature or essence was and is two sided, both masculine and feminine.


As you know, this story of Adam & Eve had a sad ending in which the two lost paradise and their connection with God. Adam blamed God for the fall ...Gen. 3: 12 (NIV) . . ."The woman YOU put here with me - she gave me some fruit from the tree and I ate it." All too often, we have put the emphasis on the woman being deceived, but it was the man who actually placed the blame on God and the woman, he wanted no responsibility for his actions.

By now, the full effect of sin was taking its toll. Up untill then neither Adam & Eve usurped authority over the other...they were partners, so to speak. But after the fall, God placed the woman under the authority of the man and Adam changed the woman’s name to Eve. (Refer back to Gen 2:2) It is the masculine side of God’s creation that is now in control, the feminine side of God was put to the side for a while.

God had to make a way to take mankind back to where he once was. Therefore, He created the LAW. (I will call the Law God’s masculine side). It is in the LAW that God sets down rules and regulations without a lot of mercy. Without the death of a pure female goat or female sheep, the sin could not be forgiven.

Lev. 4:28 When he is made aware of the sin he committed, he must bring as his offering for the sin he committed a female goat without defect. 32 If he brings a lamb as his sin offering he is to bring a female without defect.

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