Summary: One of the most spectacular events in the record of Scripture is the coming of the Holy Spirit. It was uniques in its nature. So, powerful in its impact! So amazing in its result.

The Filling of the Spirit

Acts 2: 1 – 4

1. The OCCASION! v. 1a

a. When the day of pentecost was fully come...

Why pentecost? What's the significance?

1. As the great harvest festival of the Hebrew Church (Exodus 23: 16), it was a

fitting time for the ingathering of souls into the Christian church.

2. As the feast of the firstfruits in which two wave loaves were presented to the Lord (Leviticus 23: 17), it supplied the two firstfruits of redeemed souls; the Jews and the


3. As a feast at which sacrifices of all kinds were offered (Leviticus 17: 20), it formed

a suitable occasion for the dispensation of the Spirit to bring the entire

consecration of believers to God.

4. As a feast in which remembrance was made of the Egyptian Bondage

(Deuteronomy 16: 12) and of the Exodus from Egypt, it served as a fit moment

for endowing the church, the spirit of liberty (2 Corinthians 3: 17).

2. The ATMOSPHERE! v. 1b

a. The disciples were united still in one place.


"It's only when churches in our time today ,unite and not divide that that church will receive a fresh OUTPOURINGS from the Holy Spirit."

"It's only when every believer be in churches every Sunday, and not be absent that that believer will receive a refreshing blessings of the Holy Spirit."

3. The DRAMA! v. 2 - 4

a. The First scene: The Mysterious Sound! v. 2

i. It was sudden.

ii. It was violent.

iii. It was spreading.

iv. It was supernatural.

b. The Second scene: The Unusual Sight! v. 3

i. Supernatural! It only occurs inside the house.

ii. cloven tongues of fire!

iii. Every one of them has.

iv. Visible to all within the chamber.

"A happy hint that each Christian should be quick to discern the gifts of his fellow-Christians - which is charity, and slow to recognize those belonging to himself - which is humility."

c. The Third scene: The Action! v. 4

1. They were filled with the Holy Spirit.

- meaning, the Holy Spirit now came upon them in the fulness of His saving operations as He had not done before. (John 7: 39)

- meaning, they were taken possession of by the new endowment in all department of their being.

- meaning, the inhabitation of their hearts by the Holy Spirit was to be permanent.

2. They all began to speak with tongues.


A. It attested the reality of Christ's ascension. v. 33

B. It gave the signal for commencing the work of witness bearing.

C. It equipped the apostles and first believers for their service.

5. The LESSON!

1. The faithfulness of the Father in implementing His promise. Titus 1: 2; Hebrews 6: 18

2. The blessedness of those who humbly and prayerfully wait on God. Isaiah 40: 31; Hebrews 6: 15

3. The reality of super terrestrial things. 2 Corinthians 4: 18

4. The power of the Holy Spirit as shown in the gift of tongue. 2 Peter 1: 21

5. The mission of the Christian Church - to utter what the Holy Spirit teaches. 1 Corinthians 2: 13.

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