Summary: This is a Bible study from John 1 that can be preached or used in a small group Bible study setting.

John 1:35-51

I. The Experience of Andrew & the Other Disciple (v. 35-40)

A. The Part That Andrew and the Other Disciple Played (v. 35-37)

1. They stood in the midst of where the Word was preached (v. 35)

2. They heard the proclamation of John the Baptist concerning Jesus (v. 36-37a)

3. They reacted by seeking or following after Jesus (v. 37b)

B. The Part that Jesus Played in Their Experience (v. 38-39)

1. Jesus Turned and saw them: Symbolic of initiative (Luke 19:10)

2. Jesus asked the most important question: What do you seek?

3. Jesus extended the invitation: “….come and see.”

C. The Mission Andrew Fulfilled (v. 40-42)

1. Andrew immediately thought of someone that needed to experience the same thing he had experienced. (v. 41a)

2. He did more than think of him, but he verbally shared with Simon (v. 41b)

3. Through Andrew’s Willingness to reach out we see a life changed. (v. 42)

a. Jesus always “beholds” us. Should this be a comfort or a warning to us?

b. Jesus always sees the potential within us and longs to change us to conform us to that potential.

II. The Experience of Philip and Nathanel (v. 43-51)

A. The Salvation of Philip (v. 43-44)

1. Jesus went seeking Philip (v. 43)

a. Jesus traveled a long distance to reach Philip.

b. Jesus was the One that called Philip

c. What are some things that this verse teaches us concerning a person’s salvation experience?

B. The Witness of Philip (v. 45-46)

1. He was convicted and convinced of who Jesus was.

2. He simply offered an invitation to meet Christ

C. The Witness of Jesus of Himself (v. 47-51)

1. Jesus revealed His deity (v. 47-48)

a. He knew who Nathanael was (omnipotence)

b. He knew where Nathanel was (omnipresence)

2. Jesus brought Nathanal to a Place of Decision (v. 49)

3. Jesus Revealed His Mission (v. 50-51)

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