Summary: Characteristics of the first family

The First Family

Genesis 1:26-2:25

1. Aim: To teach the people God’s original purposes in creating human beings and the family

2. Explanation of the Aim: Some people may experience struggles in their family, but not understand why they occur. By helping the people to know God’s original purposes for creating the family we will discover how to close the gap between the Biblical ideals and human reality.

3. Study the Scriptures: Genesis 1:26-2:25

a. Make observations about the fact that God made man in His own image. Discuss the significance of the fact that human beings are designed to give God glory, obedience and love in ways that please Him all respects.

b. Discuss some of the essential components that God included in the first family in Genesis 2:18-25.

4. Prepare to Teach: The introduction helps the people think about some of God’s ideal purposes for the family. Some of the people may also want to mention problems that occur when families do not follow God’s ideal plans for the family. The Bible story teaches the people how God created man and woman and the first family to bless them and to show them how to give Him glory. In the MEANING FOR OUR LIFE the people learn how to follow God’s ideal plans for the family.


Play the game “Simon Says”. A player is out if they do not obey the instructions only when the words, “Simon says” are communicated. If the player does the instruction when the words Simon says are spoken, they are required to sit down. Help the people see that unless one is obedient to the leader we cannot continue to enjoy the blessings of the one who is in charge.

Bible Story

God made man in His image because He desires all human beings to be holy, loving and truthful. Many people get themselves into all kinds of trouble because of their failure to be more like the Lord in their attitudes, actions or character traits. When people want to experience the best of God’s plans for their life they must become more like our Master in our speech, conduct, love, faith and purity.

The Creator God gave man rule over all that was on the earth so that he could serve the Lord. Many people think that the earth is for their selfish indulgence, but it was given to man to be a good steward of what the Creator had entrusted to his care. Notice that God did not need man to create the world since he was made on the sixth day. Human beings should remember that we exist to glorify God and to please Him in all respects and bear fruit in every good work while we increase in the knowledge of God.

God made the family as an expression of His wisdom, love and continual reminder of our human limitations. Without obedience to the Lord’s ideal purposes the family tends toward self-destructive tendencies. Notice that the Lord instituted the family for ten main reasons. First, the family was created for companionship, “It is not good that the man should be alone.”

Many people are lonely because they have not learned how to develop wholesome relationships in their family.

Second, the family was instituted for the purpose of being fruitful and multiplying the earth with Christ like people. People who are raised in a home without a loving father or mother tend to enjoy the benefits of exemplary relationships. People are a blessing from God. Without the Lord’s blessing we cannot bear good fruit.

Third, the family was created to help man manage the earth for the greater glory of God. Great families are able to manage many resources successfully instead of hording things for selfish consumption.

Fourth, the family was established so that man could have transparent communications without having to fear any shame or guilt. “They were naked and were not ashamed.”

Fifth, the family was created to be an example of love, truth and service to the whole world. The family should always represent a place of comfort, support and refuge.

Sixth, the family was set up so that men and women would be able to compliment and not compete with one another. Too many families have to endure quarrels between the husband and the wife because of selfishness. Everyone needs to learn how to build up one another in love.

Seventh, the family was built around one man and one wife so as to establish fidelity in our relationships. Terrible damage is done when couples are not faithful to one another.

Eighth, the family was developed so people can learn the importance of loyalty to one another. People who learn how to love and trust other people first need to learn this in their homes. We all need to learn how to submit to discipline so that we do not become rebellious and rejected.

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