Summary: Revival

THE FIRST GREAT REVIVAL OF THE CHURCH Text: Acts 1: 12-15; 2: 41-47

WHAT IS A REVIVAL? A Revival is an awaking of God’s People, which cause them to become active for God! "Vive means life, and Re means again" (Revival to life not Resurrection from the dead!) Hosea 10:12 - "Break up the fallow ground: (dig deeper) For It is time to seek the Lord." II Tim. 1:6 - "Thou Stir Up the gift of God, which is in thee. IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP, BREAK UP, GET STIRRED UP FOR JESUS! --- It’s time for the Sleeping to wake up, Lukewarm to fire up, Disgruntled to sweeten up, Discouraged to cheer up, Dishonest to confess up, Depressed to look up, Gossipers to shut up, Robbers to pay up, Offended to make up, Soldiers to stand up! IT’S TIME TO SEEK THE LORD!



And they went up into an upper room - in obedience to the command of Jesus. They were in there place! (Be in your place, attend every night of Revival!) Does it matter if you miss one service? It is a must that we live a life of Obedience.

A. The Story of Saul and Amalek (I Sam. 15) --- Note V.22 - "To Obey is better than sacrifice." B. The Story of Jonah (He disobey God and ended up in a whales belly.

C. Abraham – Noah – (These obeyed God and was blessed)

D. Be Obedient, forsake all sin! Sell out to Jesus!

2. THEY WERE A UNIFIED GROUP (V.14; 2:1,44) They were all with one accord – They loved once another! They worked and pulled together. Story of two mules.. The farmer tied the mules together, pointed one east and the other west, He then put a bail of hay on the east side and one on the west side, with the mules tied together each pointing a different way, the farmer clapped his hands and said go get it mules. The mules began to pull against each other trying to get their bail of hay. They were not doing very well pulling against one another. Finally one mule stopped and said to the other mule. Lets work together, lets go to the east end and you eat half and I’ll eat half and then go to the west end and you eat half and I’ll eat half and working together we will both get a whole bail of hay. Story of Old man and his wife going a round the mountain in a wagon with two mules… as they entered a large mud hole, the old mules just dug in a little deeper and pulled right through the mud hole and they continued on … The wife looked at her husband and said, Why can’ t we pull together like that? And he said, we could if there wasn’t but one tongue between us. WE MUST LOVE EACH OTHER AND PULL TOGETHER!

3 .THEY WERE A PRAYING GROUP (V.14; 2:42) "These all continued.. In Prayer and Supplication! Note the Word Continued: They Prayed until they knew God heard their prayer! (Luke 11 - The man of Importunity) (Little Girl at Maccripine) (Fred, Charlie)

4. THEY WERE A BELIEVING GROUP (2:44) They believed! --- We must believe! --- Song: Only believe, Only believe, All things are possible, Only believe. (Repeat) --- Lord I believe, Lord I believe, All things are possible, Lord I believe. (

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