Summary: Nothing is impossible when God gets involved.

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1. Life, in reality, is a course in which we run.

2. It’s something we have to do.

3. We don’t have a choice in it.

1. As we get older, we make decisions.

2. We make choices in life.

3. The question is, "What choices will we make?"

4. What decisions will we make in life?

1. Am I going to accept Jesus as Lord of my life?

2. As a teenager we make important decisions,

maybe even younger.

3. Am I going to experience the things of this world?




4. I made mistakes, and if I would have died in them, I would have gone to hell.

4. God wants us to stay pure.

5. He wants us to keep our temple clean.

6. What do we want out of life?

7. I believe what we need is a first inning miracle.

MATTHEW 16:13-19

1. Who does the world say Jesus is?

2. Who do you say He is?

3. Just like Peter, flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but GOD did.

4. God is still revealing today that Jesus is the Son of God.

5. I still serve a God who’s speaking.





1. You all don’t know this yet, but I played in my first major league baseball game Thursday night.

DREAM 10-18-2002

I dreamed I was at a major league baseball game. I was watching the game. It was the top of the first inning. There was a runner on base, and there were no outs.

The next thing I knew, I was batting against Randy Johnson. The situation looked hopeless.

He threw the first pitch, I swung and missed. I knew I was in big trouble.

Somehow, I knew he was going to throw a slider. He pitched, and I swung. I hit a long drive over the left field wall. The outfielder jumped and almost made an impossible catch.

I looked at he scoreboard, thinking it was 2-0. The scoreboard read 4-0. I started thinking I must have gotten out. He must have caught the ball. As I circled the bases, I realized he didn’t.

1. God can take an impossible situation, and make it possible.

2. We might have two strikes, but God is not going to let us get out.

3. As Christians, we are in the top of the first inning.

4. The devil can never get us out.

5. He might get a strike on us, or maybe two, but he can’t get us out.

6. As long as we let Jesus lead us, the devil will never even get a chance to bat.

1. Do you get it?

2. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible when God is involved.

Hezekiah was down to his final strike (death looked like it was coming)

Hezekiah and Isaiah prayed, and Hezekiah’s life was extended 14 years.

2 Kings 18:1-6

1. God knew what kind of heart Hezekiah had.

2. He completely followed God.

1. David had already had a couple of hits.

2. He had killed a lion and a bear.

3. Now David was up to bat against Goliath.

4. David hit a grand slam.

5. David had a heart after God, and God moved because David trusted Him.

1. We need to learn nothing is impossible with God.

2. Maybe we need a first inning miracle.

3. In order to receive a first inning miracle, you have to get in the ballgame.

4. You have to trust and obey God.

5. You have to be willing to step up to the plate.

6. You have to be willing to swing.

7. Don’t be discouraged if you get a strike or two.

8. Trust God, He will see you through.

God wants to help us.

Do we really want Him to help us?

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