Summary: A message used during our candle light service. May be used any time.

Tonight, I want to focus on the flame. All day I kept thinking about the wonderful gift of fire, especially today since God finally sent winter to us. How very blessed we are to have the warmth and sight that is provide from fire.

I think back to the old day when there weren’t lighters and matches. How very difficult it must have been to start a fire. Have any of you ever started a fire by rubbing two sticks together? A little difficult isn’t it?

I remember seeing a movie once as a child called, The Quest for Fire. It was a movie about primitive man and how very valuable it was to obtain fire. Long, Long ago, if you had fire, you were an important person and everyone knew it.

Why? Because starting a fire and having light at night time was so very difficult and it was cherished and keeping the flame burning was even more difficult. The slightest wind, rain, or simply not keeping it fueled with wood could have your flame burn out.

Now, I talk about this tonight because I fear that many of us are like this during Christmas. Maybe for some of us, it has been and might even still be very difficult for us to start that flame in our hearts for Jesus during Christmas. We may know that we need to get our hearts on fire for Jesus but the things of this world provides too many obstacles for us in order to get it lit.

And for many, once we have that flame lit in our hearts for Christ, it seems that we just can’t keep that fire burning past New Years. We want to and we try but the things of the world always has a way of blowing out the passion for Jesus and we find ourselves the following Christmas, trying to get it lit again.

Friends, tonight we have the solution, we have the spark that you need to light the flame in your heart. The Birth of Jesus can re-start that burning desire to live a life for Him. All you need to do is, simply open your hearts up to Him tonight and keep that everlasting flame burning throughout 2013 by staying committed to Jesus through prayer, Church attendance, and fellowship with other believers.

Let tonight be a symbolic act of creating that burning flame for Jesus in your heart as you light your candle.

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