Summary: After all the excitement and celebration, Jesus and his parents are alone. The realities of the opposition to Christ are to be dealt with.

Introductory Considerations

1. Illustration of when I worked for land developer. After new subdivision launched, we would build model homes and have big opening celebration. Next day, I would return to fond lonely real estate agent waiting for a potential buyer to come. The reality of the work of selling a home was a far cry from the hoopla of the day before.

2. We have letdowns after big days - birthday, wedding, funerals, Christmas.

3. The birth of Christ is over. Joseph and Mary settled down in Bethlehem. (Mat 2:11 - "on coming to the house")

4. Magi came to visit. They inquired in Jerusalem as to where the "king of the Jews" was born.

5. When Herod heard this, he tried to get them to let him know where the Christ-child was.

6. As we know, magi failed to inform Herod so he had all boys 2 and under killed in Bethlehem and vicinity.

7. By then God had sent an angel to warn Joseph and he had taken his family to safety in Egypt.


1. There are lessons we can learn from situation hat helps us in our difficulties.

2. Herod felt threatened by Jesus. He was king of Judea, appointed by Rome. He wanted to be in power and therefore had to get rid of this baby.

a. This is same reason Jesus was rejected by Pharisees (jealousy), people of Israel (His demands to deny themselves).

b. After Christmas we need to decide what to do with child in manger. Put away for a year and bring out next year.

c. Or we can let Him grow and we listen to Him and let Him rule our lives.

i. That is threatening.

ii. So when we look at Herod, we need to look at ourselves. Do we share some of His concerns? Are we willing to give throne of our life to Christ or do we sit in it?

3. We see how ugly sin and evil is. Herod had all boys 2 and under in Bethlehem and vicinity killed.

a. This lets us see that it is really Satan who is the one seeking to stop Christ’s work of salvation.

b. We see opposition throughout Christ’s life and mission.

c. We see this opposition in the evil of today.

4. We see that God is still calling the shots, working out His purpose.

a. He protects Jesus by warning Joseph to go to Egypt.

b. His design for jesus and His church will succeed. (Mat 16:18; Rev 17:14)

c. The significance of them going to Egypt seen in fact that Christ identifies with Israel and her sin. as Israel went to and came from Egypt as young nation, so does Christ.

d. Shows Old Testament prophecy fulfilled. (Hos 11:1) This shows that god’s ways do not change.

5. Christ did complete His work despite opposition and sometimes through it.

6. We learn that there will be opposition and let downs.

7. We remember that God will guide us and He is in control.

8. Christmas is over. We may feel alone. May we remember our mission and be prepared for task ahead.

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