Summary: Peace of God is not just a is a powerful force.It is not fragile like the worlds peace.It is a tangible force.For the bible says The God of peace will crush satan under your feet.He didnt say the God of power,or God of strength.why?...


This Christmas we are going to focus on a very important aspect for our well being and life. Let us look to the announcement of the angels to the shepherds. There is something spoken there that caught my attention. What the angels revealed may be very significant to all of us today as we celebrate Christmas. You know how the angel of the lord came upon the shepherds who watched their flock by night, and the glory of the lord shown around them, and the angel said. Fear not, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.Lk.2:13, 14. “And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” Of all the things that the heavenly host could say that day/night they emphasized on three things. the glory of God in the highest, and second is Peace, and third is good will toward men. This is putting in a nutshell the reason for Jesus coming on this earth. This unfolds the plan of God to all men. Of all the things that the angels could have announced, they announced these three things. And I am not going to speak on all three, but on one aspect, and that is Peace. They could have announced prosperity/strength/power. They could have announced other blessings. But they announced Peace. why is peace so important that the angels especially mentioned peace to all men? Yu know man lost peace of God when he lost peace with God, and finally he lost the God of peace. When Adam fell, he lost the peace with God. Why is peace so important that the angels especially mentioned peace to all men? Here God wants to restore peace thru our Lord Jesus Christ. Whenever we think of Peace, we think of it as a lack of strife/or peace between nations, where one nation does not pick up a sword against another nation. But the bible speaks of Peace in a stronger way. It is not just neighborly truce, though it includes that. But when bible speak of peace, it is one of the most powerful forces. It is not fragile. Today what the world speaks of peace is very fragile. Just a little bit of shaking in one nation against another and the peace is upset. any little trouble in mans life and the peace is disturbed. But the peace that we talk of, is a conquering force. There is power in peace. That is the kind of peace we want to let the world know. This peace that comes only from Gd. I want to share with you on this Christmas. So we are going to see how the savior came to restore what was lost. There are three restorations that we received.


Christmas time is an announcement of peace. Peace can only come into your heart when Jesus comes into your heart. Why? He is the Prince of Peace. When the Prince of Peace comes in, He brings peace. A cleansing of sins will come and that is the beginning of peace. Beloved the real peace did not start till Jesus came. He started the cycle of peace in our lives. It is supernatural/it is godly/it is a spiritual force. It comes to stay in our hearts. When did it start? The Bible tells us “Therefore having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”(Rom.5:1).Peace was in the mind of Gd. Peace came before the foundation of the world, because the lamb was slain then, but peace was enforced in our lives after Jesus rose from the dead. Peace starts for us when we were born again, and when Jesus came into our lives and washed away all our sins. When sin is only covered, there is always a reminder/a fear. and unless sin is removed/dealt with, there is no peace in the heart. Many people out there have an outward form of peace/solace/rest. but it is not real. Many of the people have sleepless nights. Sometimes we see even the rich are restless.why?they have everything made yet their hearts are restless? Because of the sin factor. Man is restless like the waves of the sea that beats on them every day. They depend on the pills to sleep. They are troubled. that is why some of them try to forget this restlessness in their heart, by drinking. Some try to forget this restlessness by having a circle of friends. They keep on mixing with people. People is their “energy”. if they don’t meet Tom ,they have to meet Dick,if not Dick then Harry or Sally. However, every time when they are alone, they cannot even face their own self and their own life. Why because peace is not in their hearts. You can only have peace when your sins are cleansed and under the blood.

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