Summary: This is part 2 of the series discussing the form in which the one anothers are applied.

We are continuing our series on the one anothers of the New Testament.

We have learned so far that the foundation for anything we do as believers is a strong commitment to love one another.

Without an unconditional concern for our fellow believers we will be unable to effectively work together as one.

Our next area of study will entail the form of the one anothers. If something is to have substance it must have some shape. The shape it takes helps us to define how the several parts are to function to bring about the desired end.

This next message will talk about the form God has chosen for us to work within.

II. Form - Members one of another Ro. 12:4-5

A. A definition of the Body of Christ.

B. The most extensive use of the concept of the "Body" is found in Paul’s writings. 1Cor. 12; Ro. 12; Eph. 4

1. Much of our study in these passages centers on finding our spiritual gifts.

2. The Bible gives no exhortation for us to seek to "discover" these gifts.

3. The emphasis here is on maturing in Christ not on discovering and developing one’s gift

4. A definition of the Body of Christ.

a) No individual Christian can function effectively by himself. 1 Cor. 12:12 ff.

(1) Vs. 12-14 We are all part of one body.

(a) Paul uses the illustration of a human body to show us our relationship to one another.

(b) There is no distinction made between members of the body as to:

(i) Ethnicity

(ii) Social status

(iii) We all share the same Spirit.

(2) Vs. 15-18 We are all placed strategically where God wants us.

(a) Just because we may think we aren’t part doesn’t change our status.

(b) Each individual has a part in the proper function of the Body.

(3) Diversity is important vs. 19-20.

b) No member of Christ’s body should feel he is more important than another member of the body.

(1) Ro. 12:3 ff. vs. 5

(a) We are to seek to function in the body as God has enabled us.

(b) Just like our own body vs. 4

(2) Col. 3:10-11 God makes no distinction concerning our physical or social or ethnic make up.

(3) 1Cor. 12:21-24 we are to exercise the gifts God has given each one of us not worrying about whether or not we are as important as some one else is.

(4) We should not look upon our gift as inferior to another’s because God gave them to us.

(5) That was the problem with the Corinthian church and they were ineffectual in ministry as a result.

c) Christians should work hard at creating and maintaining unity in the Body.

(1) 1Cor. 12:12 We are one body in Christ.

(2) Eph. 4:3;-5 There is only one body

(3) Eph 4:11ff. The purpose is maturity.

5. Diversity and unity with Christ the head.

a) Eph. 1:22-23

b) Col. 1:18

c) Col 2 19.

C. God has seen fit to leave us here to do the work of evangelizing the world around us. He has formed the church to function as a living organism through which the truth of His Word can reach the lost world around us. The church is here for two fundamental purposes.

1. To have a way for Christians to interact with one another.

a) Heb. 10:24-25

b) Pro. 27:17 Iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens another.

c) To practice the one another principles.

2. To have a living witness to a lost and dying world - Jn. 13:34-35.

D. We have looked at the Foundation of the one anothers (LOVE). We have also looked at the form that best manifests these principles (The Body). The next 11 principles make up the function of the one another aspect of our life in Christ.

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