Summary: We must endure like Jesus did, if we're going to get up over the world and with the lord forever

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Luke 4:1 – 12 / Revelation 14: 1

The life of our faith, the forty days and the hundred and forty and four thousand is the corpus of the trial of his faith. We must endure in Jesus

The pure blood of victory, you know forty days is a long time to go without eating, but Jesus endured it for us all.

The Lillie of the valley, Luke says It. Almighty and honorable over all, Jesus was led by the spirit into the wilderness

A victim of the maybe, you were, returning home from church driving down the road, even though someone is speaking to your heart. When the spirit led you down a road, you go, unless fear grips your heart, a good and very good of the beginning of time

However, you’re going to experience new things, as you already know. To keep these new things coming - you’re going to have to work.

To walk with the living is a new thing, when we understand that faith without works is dead. That should motivate our actions.

Doing something with his faith is the forty days and forty nights the beauty on velvet

A perfect picture shows that Jesus has already paved the way for us

You can call him during your perfect picture, the forty days and forty nights; the spirit will come to you to help you, after it comes to you, the will do the rest… See yourself doing the will of God

I know you want God to do the rest; we all do

Satan tries to tempt us and tempt us, over again and again, until we fall away from the Lord, that’s what he wants. The evil of every dark way, Satan knows them

And Jesus knew what he had to do for us, because Satan had what he wanted, as the devil continued to temp him in the wilderness. Jesus didn’t fall away by weakness from what the spirit led him to do.

You better not fall away... You hear me! See what you can find

Look back over your life to see how the devil tempted you to do things that you knew were wrong.

Ask the Lord to come into your heart; he has the power to come into your heart, and because he has the power to come into your heart; you got to know; he, the way truth and light, has the ability to lead you through the wilderness. The battle is not mine; the battle is not yours

There’s no telling what he’s going to do in 2011

Look at how God’s people are still in good health; you better make yourself known to God for praising him: see what the Lord is doing.

Life in the clover, it’s not what we do, but it’s what he’s doing. The Lord is doing great things, not only does he wants to preserve you over the years, but he wants to make you new over and over again; you know; you have a choice to make.

Making Jesus your choice

That’s why doing all you can for the Lord, while you can for the Lord, he remembers. The Lord rewards the good that we do and punishes us for all the bad.

Jesus shows us a better way of escaping the wrath of God. He presently is living in your heart, if you accept him. The Lord wants to occupy a place over the door post

The wrath of God is coming

As I sit here in my living room looking out of the window looking out over the cross and the eagle; I can see a tree, it’s leaves are green, and behind the tree is a play ground, where children gather around to play. You know, they that wait upon the Lord, they shall mount up with wings like an eagle. We are going to have to do it like a child. We gone stay in the nest where it’s safe.

Eagles carry that which it takes to make a cross; it’s easy to rest in a nest with the eagle

God lets it rain; it’s pouring down outside; the lord knows all about the earth and everything that dwells there, a life over all life. Jesus did it for us, so that we would have a way back to God, the everlasting life. He died on the cross and rose from the dead

Our way back to God is Jesus

Jesus lives

There is power in Jesus; there is power in his name, and you got to call him Jesus!

If the whole world stops praising God, the rocks would cry out in praises. It’s wise for us to start understanding that God don’t need us, but we need him.

Whenever you get close to God, the heart of the living, he makes us cold, and he makes us hot. Until you become dad to your emotions with others and alive to your emotions with Jesus. Your life will continue to evolve around what others think about you.

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