Summary: All worship of God is to be built on a single foundation. The Tabernacle in the wilderness paints a beautiful picture of this foundation.

I. Foundation of the Tabernacle

A. Basis of the Foundation (Exodus 38:25,27)

1. 100 Silver blocks, each weighing 100 lbs.

2. 10,000 lbs. = 5 tons

3. In each block of silver was a hole into which were fitted to two projections of each upright board which formed the walls of the Tabernacle proper.

4. These blocks of silver were placed upon the desert ground, the upright boards were placed on the blocks of silver with their tenons fitting snugly into the foundation stones. These upright boards were then bound together by 5 gold-plated bars which ran the length of the walls of the building and bound the boards into one rigid whole.

B. Material for the Foundation (Exodus 30:11-15)

1. Silver

2. One half-shekel from each person 20 years old and up

a. This silver would have been included in the spoil that the Egyptians gave to the Israelites when they left Egypt.

b. (See Exodus 12:35-36) Practically all the materials for the Tabernacle was taken from this spoil.

II. Symbolism in the Foundation

A. Redemption

1. The silver is a symbol of redemption (Exodus 30:12,15)

2. ‘Atonement’ (vs. 15)

3. The very foundation on which the Tabernacle rested typified the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ.

a. Atonement is always to be by blood

b. Anyone who failed to pay this ‘blood tax’ was cut off from the congregation of Israel.

4. The amount was a meager amount (@ .35) that everyone could afford.

5. The rich paid no more, and the poor paid no less.

B. Disproportionate (bottom-heavy)

1. The Tabernacle building was about the size of an ample living room (45 x 15)

2. The foundations weighed 5 tons

3. The sacrifice of Jesus was the most costly aspect of our salvation

a. It seems like too much of a price to pay

b. It seems disproportionate to what is required of us

III. Application to our Worship

A. The basis of our approach to God is the sacrifice of Christ

1. Before our surrender to Him

2. Before our cleansing from sin

3. Before any service or fellowship in His name

B. The primary cause of our worship is the sacrifice of Jesus and His atoning blood.

C. When we approach Him to worship, we should focus on His sacrifice for our sins; the ‘atonement’ that His blood provided.

D. Everything else is secondary to this:

1. His provision of our daily needs

2. His unseen blessings

3. His blessing upon our family

4. His blessing upon our church

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