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Summary: This sermon deals with the fruit of the spirit of joy.

The Fruit of the spirit is Joy.

Remembering the word {Fruit} Means work, Act, or deed. Gal.5:22

What’s the meaning if the word Joy?

The Greek word is {chairo} Means A Primary verb to be cheerful, calmly, happy or well off.

John 15:11

Let’s consider the source of Joy in your life

What are they?

#1.There is joy in salvation

Nelson dictary says it this way ...Deliverance from the power of sin.

When I got saved, Joy filled my heart

A. Salvation is illustrated this way

A Horn

A Tower

A Helmet

A shield

A lamp

A Cup

A clothing

The fruit of the spirit is Joy

#2...There is Joy in Baptism

#3.There is Joy when we read Gods word

#4..There is Joy in Prayer

Spending time in prayer will produce Joy.

#5 there is Joy even in times of discouragement

Even in dying, as sad as it may be knowing where our loved one is going is a since of Joy.

My Dad laid on his death bed for 7 months, waiting to die and his heart was still Joyful in know where is was going, and as a result it made my family have a since of joy with him.

#6 The center of our Joy is Christ John 15:11

Christian Joy is letting Christ live his life out though you, so that what he is you can become.

Has any one ever had their spirit man to jump and leap with Joy?

Like about to have a running spell<

It’s hard to sit still, when the Man on the inside is trying to stand up.

#7 The characteristic of this Joy is

The Joy that comes from the spirit of God Its everything Joy was ever intended to be 1 peter 1:8

Whom having not seen ye love! In whom though now ye see him not yet believing ye rejoice with Joy unspeakable and full of Glory

Some one has it this way. Joy is the flag that is flown over the castle of your heart when the king is in Residence.

Joy is determined by whether or not Jesus is at home in your Life.

Why? Because he is the very source and center of Joy.

The fruit, or work or act of the spirit is Joy.

#8 Lets consider the flow of Joy!

There is no end to the Joy John 16:22

Even in sorrow there is Joy!

1 peter 4:14 If you are reproached for the name of Christ Blessed are you.{Happy}

In Acts 16:25 tells the story of Paul and silos they sing with Joy at Midnight while in prison



There seem to be a lot of unhappy Christian walking around.


#1..Surrendering your life to the lord.

Ps. 51:12 David Prayed.

Restore unto me the Joy of my salvation and uphold me with thy free spirit.

Ps. 35:9 And my soul shall be Joyful in the lord, It shall Rejoice in his salvation.

#2 submit yourself to the control of the spirit of God.

Rom.14:17 for the kingdom of God is not meat and drink but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

Many People want what they want without giving themselves totally to the Holy Spirit.

#2..Studying Gods word.

The word of God is what the spirit of God uses to control our Lives.

#3.. Spending time with God in Prayer

John 16:24 hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name, ask and yea shall receive that your Joy may be full.


I close with a question to leave with you.

How is your Joy today, is it full, The fruit of the spirit is Joy.

Lets Pray...

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Jason Callihan

commented on Aug 5, 2009

Good outline. It helped me in my studies.

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