Summary: Four responses to the Gospel.

The Frustrations Of Farming - Mark 4:1-9


A farmer had noticed some boys kept stealing watermelons out of his watermelon patch every night so he decided to put a stop to them. He put a sign out in his watermelon patch that said, "One of these watermelons have been injected with poison," trying to fool the kids. When the kids saw the sign that got upset and decided to pay the farmer back. The next morning when the farmer went to check his watermelon patch, he saw another sign right next to the one that he had put up that said, "Now there are two!" Farming can be a very frustrating task to a lot of people. In this sermon I want you to see what happened when a sower began to sow seeds on four different types of soil. Through these four types of soils we will see four responses to the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Notice first of all:

I. The Meaning Of The Parable (v. 1-3)

A. The Spectators (1)

"Multitude" reveals there were a lot of people.

Lots of people reveals "different" hearts.

B. The Sower (2-3)

"Sower" reveals the one who sows the seed.

The one who "shares" salvation with the lost.

1. He Sows Plentifully

2. He Sows Patiently

3. He Sows Passionately

C. The Seed (3)

"Sow" reveals that seed was being scattered.

The sower sows the "Word of God."

1. Seeds Are Powerful

2. Seeds Are Productive

D. The Soil (3)

"Sow" reveals that seed was falling on soil.

The soil is the different "hearts."

The Message Of The Parable (v. 4-9)

A. The Stubborn Heart (4)

"Road" reveals very hard soil.

These people are never moved by the Gospel.

"Birds" reveal Satan.

1. Some become hard towards Church

2. Some become hard towards Christians

3. Some become hard towards Christ

B. The Shallow Heart (5-6)

"Rocky" reveals not much depth of soil.

These people make quick changes and then fall.

"Sun" reveals persecution.

C. The Selfish Heart (7)

"Thorns" reveals weeds amongst the wheat.

These people allow things to make them fall.

1. Distractions (v. 19, worries)

2. Deceitfulness (v. 19, riches)

3. Desires (v. 19, other things)

D. The Soft Heart (8-9)

"Good" reveals genuine salvation.

These people receive it and produce fruit.

"Crop" reveals fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22)


In closing I want to challenge each one of you to examine your heart to find out if the Word of God was sown on good soil in your heart. Make sure your life is bearing fruits of the Spirit and not works of the flesh.

Rev. Michael S. Bowen

Pine Level Baptist Church

Early Branch SC, 29916

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