Summary: This sermon rejoices in the greatest Gift ever given-Gon’s only-begotten Son-Jesus.


(A Christmas sermon)

Scripture text-2nd Corinthians 9:15

"Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable Gift."


From the very beginning, giving the Gift was

in His heart, and on His mind.


A. Was it salvation?

Ephesians 2:8 says-"For by grace are ye saved

through faith; and that not of yourselves: it

is the gift of God."

B. Was it eternal life?

Romans 6:23 says-"For the wages of sin is

death; but the gift of God is eternal life

through Jesus Christ, our Lord."

orC. Was it Jesus Christ Himself?

2nd Cor. 9:15 says-"Thanks be unto God for

His unspeakable gift."

Jn. 3:16-"For God so loved the world, that

He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever

believeth in him should not perish, but have

everlasting life."

I believe the unspeakable Gift was the latter-

Jesus Christ Himself.

-many poets have written words of prose about

Him, but none has ever fully explained Him.

-many artists have tried to visualize an image

of Him on canvas, but none has ever done Him

justice, in regards to His true beauty and


-many musicians and song writers have sung and

composed great masterpieces about Him, but

none has fully grasp His wonder

-many theologians have debated His nature,

mission, and significance, but none has

ever fully explained any of those things

about Him

He is the altogether Lovely One-the King of kings,

and Lord of lords.-(Thanks to Tom Maines,Sermon

Central for the catalyst of these illustrations)

He is fully unspeakable in His nature, His love,

His power, His grace, His works, in everything that

pertains to Him.

He thought about how much the Gift was needed. He

knew that there was no hope for our fallen race

without the Gift. And so, the Giver(God), so loved

and gave His only-begotten Son...

All human creatures would sin, and all would be

condemned by their sin-sentenced to an endless

eternity of suffering, forever separated from

the comfort of His love. So, He knew He had to

do something, or all hope was lost. He would

give the Gift to the world, and offer the Gift

to as many as would receive the Gift willingly

and sincerely, with an open heart.

The Gift meant everything to Him. The Gift was

most precious in His sight. How much He loved

the Gift! But, He knew that in order for man

to be saved, He would have to be seperated from

the Gift, until man’s guilt was removed, and

man’s sin erradicated. He would offer the Gift

to as many as would be willing to receive the

Gift. The Gift would be freely offered, but

would cost Him much-His only begotten Son.

This Gift would be the most valuable possession

anyone could ever have. But, the value of the

Gift was only recognizable by those whose spirit-

ual eyes had been opened. The Gift would not be

outwardly beautiful, but within the Gift bore

the very image of the invisible God in all His

glory. Grace and truth would be seen in the

Gift. If men would recognize the true value of

the Gift, they would be willing to sell all they

had to possess this Pearl of Great Price. Acres

of diamonds, and mountains of gold fade into

meaningless value in comparison to Him.

Some would be anxious and eager to recive the Gift,

but others would ignore the Gift, or even hate the

Gift, and seek His destruction. The Gift would not

be found under any Christmas tree, or in any mall,

but in a stable, in a cattle trough. The Gift

would not be wrapped in kingly robes, or glorious

splendor, but in strips of cloth, called "swaddling

clothes." Prophets had predicted the coming of

the Gift, and at just the right moment in human

history, the Gift appeared. The first to receive

the Gift were:

-humble shepherds keeping watch over

their flocks by night

-also, Simeon & Anna recived Him,

and recognized His greatness

-Wise men from the East later

presented Him gifts: gold, frankin-

cense, and myrrh

-Joseph and Mary humbly accepted their

God-ordained roles

The Giver thought within His heart-"They will

reverence my Son, surely; but alas, He knew that

men would despise and reject Him, and put Him to

death. The only Perfect One who had lived would be

ripped open with whips, spit upon, ridiculed, hated,

and eventually nailed to a cross. So precious was

His shed blood, that all who are cleansed by it

will live eternally with God in Heaven. The Gift

would bring eternal salvation to all who received

Him. He would bring joy, and deliverance, and hope,

and forgiveness, and love, and mercy, and accept-


The Gift will return to earth someday, to receive

unto Himself all who are believing in Him then.

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