Summary: This sermon was to focused toward students (6th - 12th grades) to help them understand what their response should be to the Christmas season.

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"The glory shone through the Birth of a Savior"


Give examples of how we make the Christmas season all about us.

Bottom Line: The glory shone through the Birth of a Savior demands a resonse from us.

READ Luke 2:8-21

Look at the respnses found through out this passage.

1. Fear (2:9)

2. Joy (2:10)

3. Praise (2:13)

4. Obedience (2:15-16)

5. Rememberance (2:19)

6. Glory (2:20)

The birth of a savior demands a response from us, even in the midst of a crazy Christmas season and final exams. How do you need to respond to the King of Kings?

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