3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Continuing in the Daniel series -- this message deals with the vision of the two animals in Daniel 8


Daniel 8:1-27

INTRODUCTION: This chapter marks a significant shift in the book of Daniel. From this point on to the end of the book, as was also the case from Chapter 1:1-2:4a – the language used for the writing is Hebrew. Previously, from Chapter2:4b – 7:28, the book was written in Aramaic. This duel language use comes from the two major theme present in the book of Daniel – the First theme is God’s program for the Gentile nations, and second theme is the influence and effect of the Gentile nations on Israel.

This chapter deals with another vision of Daniel. This vision deals with the middle two empires described in the previous visions. The empires mentioned there were the Medo/Persian Empire, and The Greek Empire. This vision adds significant details to these empires, and as such has fueled a controversy regarding the writing of Daniel. Those seeking to redefine, or eliminate the authority of Scripture are always on the attack regarding it authorship and authenticity!


A Third year of Belshazzar’s reign

B Indicates vision occurred two years after the vision of Chapter 7

C Timing within the book

1 Before the events of Chapter 6

a Conquering of Babylon by the Medes and Persians

2 Viewed in relation to the vision of Chapter 7

3 Greater focus on two Empires

Daniel 8:1 In the third year of King Belshazzar’s reign, I, Daniel, had a vision, after the one that had already appeared to me.


A The location for the vision

1 Citadel of Susa

2 Ulai Canal

a Located 150 – 200 miles east of Babylon

b Would become a leading city in the Persian Empire

c Would be the location of the Palace of the Persian Empire

B The appearance of the Ram – the Medo/Persian Empire

1 Two horns

a Reference to the two empires

b One growing up later than the other

c One being more dominant

2 The conquest of the Ram

a The direction of conquest

1) West

2) North

3) South

4) Not East – came from the east

b The type of Conquest

1) Dominant

2) Unstoppable

3) Able to do what they pleased

C The appearance of the Goat – The Greek Empire

1 Prominent horn

a Identified as Alexander the Great

2 Direction

a Coming from the west

b Coming with vengeance

3 Activity of the Goat

a Strikes a death blow to the Ram

b Occurs at the canal – 8:6

1) The location where Darius fought Alexander the Great

2) The location where Alexander sailed his ships

c The attack is swift

1) Without touching the ground

2) With great rage

4 The Horn

a Broken at the height of power

b Alexander dies soon after the victory of the Medes and Persians

c Alexander dies at 32 years of age – early demise at the pinnacle of power

5 The rising of four horns

a Grew up – took time

b Grew towards four winds – four directions

1) 4 chiefs took over four separate areas of the Greek Empire

2) Would not have the same power as with a unified king – verse 20

6 The Emergence of a little horn

a Identified as Antiochus Epiphanes

b Came to power in area of Syria, Israel, and Mesopotamia

1) Through the murder of his brother

c Attacked to the South and East

1) Direction as related to Israel

2) Conquered Egypt

3) Conquered the area of “Persian Rule”

d Focused on Israel

1) Subjugated Israel

a) Burned and murdered Jews – 40,000

b) Forbid obedience to Mosaic Law

c) Erected idols in Jerusalem

d) Forced people to sacrifice unclean animals

e) Forced people to eat unclean animals

f) Sought to usurp authority of God

2) Used as buffer zone when Rome forced him our of Egypt

e Continued for 2,300 Evenings and mornings

1) First interpretation

a) Reference to the first incursion of forces into Jerusalem to the Macabean Revolt

2) Second interpretation

a) Reference to the evening and morning sacrifices

b) Looking at 1,150 days

(1) From desecration of the temple to the Macabean Revolt

f Duel nature of the little horn

1) Not a direct reference to the little horn of previous visions

a) One of tem, not one of four

b) Arises out of the Roman Empire, not Greek Empire

2) Duel reference

a) Primary identification is A.E

(1) Considered the Antichrist of the Old Testament

b) Secondary reference – the Antichrist yet to come

(1) Will achieve power by subjugating other

(1) Rise to power promising security – and then strike

(1) Intelligent and persuasive

(1) Controlled by another

(1) Adversary of Israel

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