Summary: You can still minister in your hurt. Your hurt allows you to help those who are going through what you are going through or been through.

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Ministering through your own hurts

One of the realities of life is hurt. Life is fill with hurt. We are hurt by ourselves, others, and life circumstances. None of us live our lives wanting to be hurt, but none of us can live our loves without being hurt. To live, love, and laugh, is to also know whT it is to hurt. It would be nice to have a certified letter from God that would exempt us from the hurt of lifer or tell us why we are exp., or how long we have to go thru our hurt.

There are Christians who lives are falling apart because they do not know how to respond or handle there hurts. You never loved, trusted, give, support, or enjoyed life after you got hurt. Hurt people hurt people. You live a life not only hurting yourselves, but hurting other people. Misery loves company. If I am not happy, I am going to make sure nobody else is happy. Hate to see you coming. You bring your bad attitude, negativity, and hostility everywhere.

Christian do not believe they have the answer to the hurt of life. They can't believe with their saved/sanctified selves that God would allows them to exp. hurt. They are too saved to hurt. They use hurt as an excuse to be negatives, stay stagnant, and fight against progress.( forward-backward, giving- holding, blaming- believing, helping-hurting) They use their hurt as An excuse why they aren't worshipping, serving, giving, attending, bringing God glory.

Hope in God

You would ruin your life trying to handle your own hurt. You are not strong enough to handle your hurt own your home. Where there is tragedy, pain, and hurt, there is God. Where there is God, there is mercy and comfort, which gives us hope. There is no song, prayer warrior, or pastor that can comfort you like God. My hurt May be shallow- deep, temporary- permanent, internal- external, mild- server, but God will still be God.

Help from God

God is available, able, active in all of our hurt. God enters in, stays with us, and make a way in our hurt. God is with us even in our darkest hour. God does not have to remove your hurt to show you strong he is. He can show you how strong he is even while you are going thru your hurt. God is not there to get you out of your hurt, but to make sure you make it thru your hurt. Nobody can comfort, protect, lead, help, guide, and support you like God.

Holy from God

Holy means to be set apart to be used by God. God does not waste pain. There is a purpose for your pain. People who ever been hurt knows and understand hurt feel likes. People who ever been hurt knows the pain hurt causes. They knows about heart aches and breaks. Your purpose is to show people there is a way out. There is a way out of depression, discouragement, and disappointment.

Your purpose is to show them There is praise-pain, dance- dilemma , and testimony- test, worship-weakness, halilua-hurt, and joy-joyless situation. Out of all I been through,I still have joy. I been sick, down, broke, lied on, and set backs, but I still have joy. Joy that the wind can't blow away, water cant't drown, fire can' t destroy, and thief can't steal. This joy I have the world did not give it the world cannot take away.

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