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Summary: God is a God of breakthrough

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2. It’s telling us that God is the “breaker”

Mic 2:13 The one who can break through barriers will lead them out38 they will break out, pass through the gate, and leave.39

1. In essence this vrse is telling us that God is a God of breakthrough!!!

- The vrse is telling us that God the breaker will remove those things that stand in the way of our progression!!

- We’re talking about those barriers that can keep us from being blest!!

- God can break thru those walls & barriers that keep us from receiving from God & all that He might have for us!!!

- God will break down all those walls, barriers, obstacles & get us thru those things that have been strategically put there by the enemy who wants to hold us captive in our situations!!

3. The enemy would try to put obstacles before us to try stop what God wants to do in our lives.

- But, God the breaker, the God of breakthrough can clear a path & overthrow everything that stands in the way of the things that God wants us to do in our lives!!

c.) There are times in our walk with God when we need a breakthrough to keep us moving forward!!

1. We need a breakthru for our church. (for souls to be saved & a supernatural move of God’s spirit to touch the lives of his people!!

- A breakthru so powerful that it would totally revolutionize our lives & radically change us!!

- A breakthru so divine that it could’nt be refuted, challenged or denied, you knew, that you knew you were in the presence of God!!!

- A breakthru so awesome that men would rise up to any occasion & do the work the Lord has called them to do!!

- We need a breakthrough for the fire of the Holy Ghost!!

2. We need a breakthrough in our look further than we’ve ever have before!!

- To enlarge, to stretch, to lengthen, to strengthen & not hold back!!

- A vision that goes way beyond our borders!!

3. This not only applies to the church as a corporate body, but also as an individual Christian!!

- You might need a breakthrough in your vision because right now it’s dull & blurred & you need a breakthrough so that you might see clear again in what God has called you to do!!

- You might need a breakthrough from apathy, indifference & cold heartedness & worst of all lukewarmness!

- You might need a breathru in your excuses!!

- I think we need to stop finding excuses why we can’t do the will of God & start finding excuses why we can!!!

Why do I say this? Because there are people in here that God wants to used in a very powerful & anointed way, but our excuses are hindering that!!

4. We need a physical breakthrough!

5. Some need a financial breakthrough!

6. Some of you might need a breakthrough in areas of jealousy, anger or un-forgiveness, or even bitterness!!

c.) God wants us to know according to our text we don’t have to remain in the negative place we’re at, that he can give us breakthrough!!

1. God does’nt want us to stay in captivity to our negative situations!!

- But he wants to break down the gate & set us free & keep us moving in that freedom!!

- In essence He wants to give us BREAKTHROUGH!!!

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