Summary: God's characteristics are plain to see in Exodus chapter 3 and He is the same God for Christians today!

Let’s continue to worship our God by continuing to learn from the Book of Exodus Chapter 3; please open your Bibles there….

Read along with me again Exodus 3:10-22…..

We have noted from previous messages….

v10: God gave Moses a job to do.

v11-14: Moses came up with excuses but God answered him directly. The story could have ended here, but….

What do we note in v15-22?

a. We do not hear anymore from Moses (as if, Moses was satisfied!)

But as we noted last week, God didn’t just answer Moses’ questions, God gave more than he needed because God is love! God is gracious and generous!

b. God gave more assurances and promises beyond what Moses needed! Again, we can note that it was all God speaking in v15-22; God poured out His love to Moses! What did God tell Moses?

v15: God is committed to His people forever (from generation to generation)!

v16-17: Moses was honored to be the messenger of Good News!

And what were God’s promises in v18?

v18a: This time, not like 40 years ago, Israel will listen to Moses!

v18b: Moses and Israel will be able to confront Pharaoh!

v18c: Israel was called to personally meet with God!

v19: God was honest about the struggles Israel would face! God does not lie!

v20: God promised to reveal His power over ungodly Egypt. God is just!

v21-22: God promised not only freedom from slavery but the departure is welcomed with riches from Egypt!

Based on this chapter Exodus 3, how would you finish this statement?

The God of Moses and Israel is…… look again at each verse from v15-22 and note the characteristics of God!

The God of Moses and Israel is also our God who gave us Jesus Christ!

As we believe and trust in Jesus Christ as our only Savior and God, what do we have?

Let’s finish this statement, With Jesus Christ we have…..

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