Summary: In this sermon, we discuss the fact that sex is good, but when sex is used outside of God's intended ways, the god of sex twists it into something destructive.

A. As you know, children often do “say the darndest things.”

1. A precocious 7 year-old once asked her mother for a baby brother.

a. Her mother was taken aback by the request, but explained in a soothing tone, “I’m afraid that just isn’t possible, darling. Babies cost a great deal of money, and Daddy and I just can’t afford one right now.”

b. “Mommy,” said the 7 year-old in a most exasperated tone, “women don’t BUY babies. I think you and I should have a little talk!”

2. Then there was the time when a minister and his wife were talking with their young children about the facts of life.

a. As the children listened intently to the discussion of “the birds and the bees,” one of the children interrupted and with wide eyes asked, “Does God know about this?”

B. Yes, indeed, God knows all about this.

1. And as anxious as all of us might be about today’s sermon and subject, I want to encourage all of us to relax, and know that I will do my best to be appropriate, positive and helpful as we explore how the god of sex can lead us astray in the temple of pleasure.

2. Let’s start on the positive note that God would want us to start on and that is that sex is good.

a. We need to be clear about that from the outset – sex is good.

3. In fact, sex is a gift from God Himself – God is the originator and designer of sex.

a. Isn’t it amazing and sad how some of the richest and most beautiful gifts from God are often the gifts that are twisted into hideous and destructive idols?

b. God designed sex to intimately connect us to our spouse.

c. When sex is done God’s way, it can create a supernatural bond and blessing between a husband and a wife.

d. At the very creation of humanity, when God formed Adam and Eve, the Bible explains: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” (Gen. 2:24)

4. When done God’s way, sex brings pleasure and intimacy, and it can result in producing children, in accordance with God’s plan.

5. But it didn’t have to be this way, God could have made reproduction a mechanical, joyless act, like filling the car with gas.

a. But that’s not how God chose to make it, God chose to make sex and reproduction pleasurable and meaningful.

C. And just as we saw with food in last week’s sermon, God designed sex in such a way that it doesn’t just accomplish a single purpose, but has several purposes, and is pleasurable.

1. Our God is a Father who likes to give His children good things.

2. All of God’s gifts are given to point us back to Him.

3. The gifts that God gives us should cause us to love and worship the Giver more deeply.

4. But sadly, and tragically, God’s gifts to us often end up becoming God’s greatest competition.

D. Kyle Idleman offered an excellent illustration of what it looks like when this happens.

1. Imagine for a moment that you’re a parent who wants to give their child a special gift.

2. You have heard your child talking about how much they want the latest gaming console.

3. And so, you make the purchase, even though it is not an inexpensive one, because you want to express your love to your child by giving them something they will enjoy.

4. When you present the gift to your child, your child offers a joyful shout, a big hug, and lots of “thank yous.” – it was worth every penny to experience that moment.

5. Your child takes the game console and immediately begins to enjoy it.

6. A little later, when you stop by your child’s room and ask him a question about the game, he says, “Can’t talk right now, I’m busy.”

7. Later you ask him to go to dinner with the family, but he begs off, wanting only to stay and play with his new game.

8. A few days later, your child starts to ask for the add-ons and other games his friends have, and how their game units are better than the one you got for him.

9. So not only has your gift taken his attention away from you and your relationship, it has made him less content and happy than before you gave him the gift.

10. How could this nice gift go so wrong?

E. This is what happens when the gift becomes more important to us than the giver.

1. This is what happens when God has to compete with His own blessings.

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