Summary: God is revealed even in the first verse of the Bible. He is revealed as Creator, As Redeemer, and Sustainer.

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Intro: Genesis is a book of beginnings. Of the heaven and earth, of light and darkness, of seas and skies, land and vegetation, moon and stars, sea and air and land animals, of human beings, of sin and redemption, of life and death, of blessing and cursing, of marriage and family, and the list could go on forever.

In this book of beginnings we will examine the beginning statement. Genesis 1.1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

This is not a probing question but a purposeful statement. A statement of faith and a statement of fact. “In the beginning God.” This is not argument against the atheist, the evolutionist, or any other ist. It is a straightforward acknowledgement and announcement of God.

There is not an attempt to prove God. There is only the presentation of God. There is no proof of God, before you kick me out the door listen. There is evidence of God but no proof. There is no way our finite minds can prove God because He is infinite. Adrian Rogers said it aptly “trying to prove God through the physical is like trying to tear a piano apart to find the Hallelujah Chorus.”

God’s word is evidence that God is real and if we live holy and acceptable unto God or lives will make evident “In the beginning God.”

What should I do if someone says prove there is a God? Well point them to Genesis 1.1 and say prove there is not a God!!

This beginning statement tells us much about the God it reveals. It tells us about God as Creator, it tells us about God as Redeemer, it tells us about God as Sustainer.

I. It tells us about God as Creator

A) His Magnificent Power

You have probably heard the joke about the scientists who challenge God to a contest of creating life. Some scientists go to God and tell Him that we (man) don’t need Him anymore because we have figured out a way to make man without Him, so God says: “Let’s have a contest.” All the scientists agree, and they obtain some dirt and God stops them and tells them, “No, no, you have to get your own dirt.”

1) The Word of creation

The word used here in Genesis 1 to talk of God creating is bara. It speaks of something only God can do. He can create something from nothing. Man can only make something from materials that already exist. God can make something from nothing.

2) The Name of creation

The name used to reveal God in this passage is Elohim. It is a compound Hebrew word that comes from El meaning strong, mighty, unlimited power. The second part of the word means to swear, to keep word.

The God revealed in the creation is a God of unlimited power and ultimate truth.

His truth overcomes all errors atheism and evolution, unbelief and Idolatry

His power overcomes any situation or circumstance

This is the God that our community, state, country and world need!!

So why did such an all powerful God create all there is??

B) His Majestic Purpose

1) For His pleasure

Revelation 4.11 “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”

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