Summary: Third in a series of the names of God. Jehovah Roi. The Lord is my Shepherd.

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Who is God?

The God who Guides and Protects.

Psalm 23

“Put your trust in God because His is the Good


Intro: Changing gears: from eternal, almighty God to the shepherd God. Israel: “God, Yahweh as a shepherd? No way!”

- David was a shepherd, understood the role he


I. Trust God because He supplies our every need.

(vs. 1-3a)

A shepherd’s chief responsibility was to provide for the basic needs of the flock.

A. He supplies our physical needs.

1. “I shall not be in want.”

a. Some misunderstand: “I shall get what I want.”

b. Illus.: God as our heavenly “Santa Claus.”

-Wrong Idea.

2. “I will not lack for anything.”

a. Illus.: Israel in the dessert. Manna from

heaven. Water from a rock.

b. God will provide for our every need.

3. Green pastures/ still waters.

B. He supplies the needs of our hearts.

1. “He makes me lie down . . .” in peace.

a. Sheep can be jittery animals.

b. It takes a lot to get them to lie down.

c. Illus.: Bill Gillham, Lifetime Guarantee,


- Bear chase into a cabin.

d. God: “Lie down. Rest in Me.”

2. “He restores my soul.”

a. Tell the story of David saving his flock from

the bear.

- Flock is frightened/ David brings out his

harp and begins to sing.

b. God will give us peace in His arms

C. “I wish I could lie down in green pastures or

drink for quiet waters. My life is pretty

hectic. Why does my life not reflect these


Transition: You need to follow His leading.

II. Trust God because He guides us. (v. 3b)

A. He will lead us to where we need to go.

1. What is necessary to follow Him? (John 10:1-4)

a. You must have a relationship with him. “Hear

his voice.” (v. 3-4)

b. You must be obedient to him.

2. If we follow, where will he take us? (Ps. 23:3)

a. Along the paths of righteousness.

1. The terrain in this area was rocky, some sheep

tended to wonder. Find the wrong path.

2. “I try to be good, I really do.”

3. Our past does not matter with Jesus, as long as

we are willing to follow Him, now.

b. Illus.: Missionary trekking through the

jungle with a guide.

- There was no path:

- Missionary: “Are you sure this is the way?.”

- Guide: “I am the way!”

4. Jesus is the only way to reach God.

B. One Final point: It was customary for the shepherd to lead his sheep rather than drive them.

III. Trust God because He protects us. (v. 4)

A. He protects us in our darkest valleys. “You are

with me.”

1. The sheepcote/ sheepfold.

a. Could be a built in rock fence or a crevice

in some rocks.

b. Always has only one entryway.

2. It was often the case that the shepherd slept

with his sheep, among them or at the entryway.

B. He protects us from predators. The Rod.

C. He protects us from ourselves. Discipline.

1. Use of the staff. Gentle guidance.

2. Use of the rod. Stern discipline.

IV. Trust God because He cares for and loves us.(v.5-6)

A. What is the difference between “care for”

and “love”?

B. How does God care for us?

1. God wants to give us things. (v. 5a)

2. God wants to honor us as His children. (v. 5b)

C. How does God love us?

1. His goodness and love follows us in our lives


A little boy was eagerly looking forward to the birthday party of a friend who lived only a few blocks away. When the day finally arrived, a blizzard made the sidewalks and roads nearly impassable. The lad’s father, sensing the danger, hesitated to let his son go. The youngster reacted tearfully. "But Dad," he pleaded, "all the other kids will be there. Their parents are letting them go." The father thought for a moment, then replied softly, "All right, you may go." Surprised but overjoyed, the boy bundled up and plunged into the raging storm. The driving snow made visibility almost impossible, and it took him more than half an hour to trudge the short distance to the party. As he rang the doorbell, he turned briefly to look out into the storm. His eye caught the shadow of a retreating figure. It was his father. He had followed his son’s every step to make sure he arrived safely.


2. He wants us to spend eternity with Him in


a. Not as a priest, but as a member of His


b. IE “dwell.”

c. Salvation

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