Summary: We should always remember to pray that God’s will is done in all our prayers

The God Who Hears

1 John 5:14-15

Primary Purpose: To encourage the congregation that their prayers are heard if they pray according to God’s will.

Three Assurances Given

1. God hears His children. In Biblical days, a person could be killed for entering the king’s presence without permission. We see an example of this in the book of Ruth. As children of God, Scripture indicates I can enter God’s throne room with confidence (parresia) which means boldness. I have the right and authority to enter God’s presence and to present my requests.

Do I really pray like I expect God to answer my petitions. Would I pray bigger prayers if I believed He would answer me no matter what I prayed or what my circumstances?

Not only do I have the legal right as a child of God to enter His Presence, but God expects me to and delights in it (Rev 3:20) Will I open the door and allow Him in?

I need to them make sure I enter the king’s presence without offense. I need to make sure I am not enjoying the passing pleasures of unconfessed sin. I need to make sure I am not making selfish petitions that He will not honor. (James 4:3) I need to make sure I am in harmony with my brothers and sisters in Christ. There is a link between my relationship with God and others. It’s so important that Jesus said if I have something coming between me and my brother to leave my gift at the altar and go and get right with my brother or sister in Christ first and then come offer my sacrifice.

George Muller once said “Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance. It is laying hold of His willingness.” God knows how to give good gifts to His children (Matt 7:7-12)

2. The requests must be made according to God’s will. Jesus said in the Lord’s Prayer “They will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” C.H. Dodd once said “Prayer is not a device for employing the resources of omnipotence to fulfill our desires, but a means by which our desires may be redirected according to the mind of God, and made into channels for the forces of His will.”

1. I need to check my requests with God’s Word and examine my own hearts to search out if I am asking something for the right reasons.

2. Am I asking for only myself?

3. Is my request in line with God’s will?

4. Am I willing for God to answer my prayer in a way that I haven’t considered? God has promised to answer before they call and while they are still speaking to hear? (Is 65:24)

5. Am I willing to be used of God to answer that petition? If I pray for someone’s salvation am I willing to do my part and share my faith with that person?

6. Is my heart right before God?

3. God will answer our requests. The person who prays by faith prays believing that what he/she requests will be answered even if he/she can’t see God at work.

(Matt 21:22; Mk 11:24; Jer 29:13)

**An example of this is Hannah 1 Samuel 1:18. She acted as though she had received an answer immediately after she prayed. She walked away from that prayer time with peace. (John 14:13-14; 15:7; Mt 21:22; Mk 11:24) If I don’t have that confidence then I need to keep praying.

** Maintain Persistence- We need to make sure to maintain persistence until peace comes. Are we willing to stay at it? For revival, for lost friends and family members, for those who are need, for God to provide for that deep need (loneliness, depression, discouragement)

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Maria Ross

commented on Aug 20, 2012

Jeff Simms, This is an excellent sermon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Pastor Maria Ross

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