Summary: We must pursue godliness every day of our life in order to be all He wants us to be.

Introduction: If our life is to truly have purpose as believers, we must always and in all ways strive to be like the Lord. Which means we must pursue godliness with all our might.

I. We have been given all things pertaining to life and Godliness!

A. He has chosen to give us His divine power.

1. God chose to give to us the things we need to be able to live the godly life.

2. We have to search them out and discover them.

3. (example) Give a Bible to someone and say, here is all the knowledge of God you will ever need.

B. We find our purpose through the knowledge of Him.

1. Through knowing God, Himself.

2. The better you know God personally, the more you understand Him.

3. Many people only see the surface of God in the Bible.

C. We are called to glory and virtue.

1. Glory; dignity or honor.

2. Virtue; manliness or excellence.

3. God has called us to a place of dignity and excellence.

II. We are recipients of exceedingly great and precious promises.

A. To be partakers of the divine nature.

1. To be a spirit person. “God is a Spirit!”

2. We are to live the faith life!

3. The Holy Spirit will develop the attributes of God within us.

B. Having escaped the corruption of worldly lust.

1. Worldly lusts corrupts our life.

2. Rom 14:17 for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

3. We are in the world but not defiled by the world.

III. Developing Godly attributes.

A. Add to our faith! Faith is persuasion or belief.

B. Virtue; excellence.

C. Knowledge; knowing.

D. Temperance; self-control.

E. Patience; enduring, waiting.

F. Godliness; holiness.

G. Brotherly kindness; affection for one another.

H. Love; agape. The kind of love God has and gives.

In order to live a godly life, you must pursue a relationship with Jesus. Our daily life reveals the kind of person we are. It is our choice whether or not we reveal God in our life. Like Joshua we must make a conscious choice to serve God everyday of our life.

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