Summary: The devil is a master at presenting enough evidence to make it appear that he has won but the good news is he is a liar.

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I came to this place today with a word in my spirit; I came to tell somebody that everything is not as it appears.

I came to tell somebody who has been overwhelmed by their circumstances {there is more to this than meets the eye}

I have got to get somebody to shift out of the natural into the supernatural, Out of the visible into the invisible, out of the realm of the senses into the realm of faith.

You see by faith the elders obtained a good report {Joshua and Caleb�s report was a good report because it was a faith report}

The other 10 spies brought back what the bible calls an evil report.

Why was it an evil report? Because it contradicted the word of God.

I�m talking to somebody today: You�ve been listening to an evil report, you�ve been listening to what your circumstances are saying, you�ve been listening to what your feelings are saying and what your enemies are saying, and what your friends are saying.

Isaiah asked the question (Whose report will you believe?)

David was tending his fathers flock one day and a lion, suddenly appeared and stole a lamb from the fold.

Most people would have said: I�ll never see that lamb again, most people would have just written it off as one of life�s casualties and said the devil got that one.

Most people would have said: I better just stay here and protect what I got left.

And that is what the devil {I mean the lion, was counting on}

That devil, {I mean lion, never counted on someone like David}

David wasn�t like most people, he took it personal and he took it hard, it angered him that a lion would break into his fold, and invade the safety of his fold and steal from him.

No doubt this devil, I mean this lion had invaded many flocks before, and tore up marriages, and tore up ministries and killed dreams, and stole hope and joy and peace from many homes.

No doubt this devil had carried sons and daughters off into drug addiction, homosexuality, perversion.

This was not the first flock, he had invaded, It was not the first lamb he had stolen.

And time after time he left behind him a broken man broken women, broken homes, broken children.

And from all natural appearances this devil had succeeded again.

(Look at your neighbor and tell them, It ain�t that way)

This time it�s gonn�a be different

Instead of David sitting down and crying, and saying why me? Why�d this have to happen to me?

David refuse just to write off his losses and settle for leftovers.

(Let me stop right here and tell you, some of you right here are settling for left overs)

Just happy to have something left over, Just thankful that the devil didn�t take it all.

Just satisfied to still be in your right mind, satisfied just to have enough money to make ends meet.

But I just believe I�m talking to somebody that is sick and tired of


I just believe somebody here wants some of that milk and honey.

I just believe somebody here believes that God wants you blessed.

If I�m talking to you, slap your neighbor a high five and tell them (he�s talking to me).

David could have done like most people and settled down with his leftovers and just been thankful, but David had that shepherds anointing.

The kind that the great shepherd has.( He left the ninety and nine and went out searching until he found the one lost sheep).

David went out after that lion and hunted him down.

And when he found him, the lamb was still in his mouth (ALIVE) he smote him and took the lamb out of his mouth.

(You aren�t going to smite the devil without a response) the lion rose up against him, and David caught him by the beard and killed him.

Every natural evidence would have told David: write off your losses, that lamb is history.

His imagination probably was showing him a horrific death of this little lamb.

But the truth was: that lamb had not been torn to shreds by this lions paws, and teeth, (this lamb was alive and well).

When I read that story I was reminded of Jacob and how his sons had brought Josephs coat to him, dipped in blood and asked him who coat it was.

Jacob saw the coat and he saw the blood and his mind went crazy, his imagination went off the scale.

Ge 37:33 And he knew it, and said, It is my son�s coat; an evil beast hath devoured him; Joseph is without doubt rent in pieces.

For nearly 15 years Jacob played the scene of Joseph�s horrible death in his imagination.

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Bruce Huffstetler

commented on Oct 17, 2009

great sermon--with times like they are and so much pain ,we need to stay as close to God as possible

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