"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio


Summary: A sermon about helping others

6th Sunday after Pentecost

The Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37

’No don’t take my money, please don’t hit me again. Stop I beg you stop. Here take what you want, take my wallet take my money, but please leave

Hey, were am I?? Oh, I remember, the robbers, I see they are gone. Let’s see if I can get up and get out of here. Oh, Oh, I think I have a few broken ribs and a twisted ankle. I cannot climb out of this ditch. Maybe someone will come along. I can’t get out of here by myself.

I think I hear someone, yes it is. Hey down here, help help. That’s right I am down here. What are you doing. Don’t leave. What was that he said? ’He didn’t want to get involved. He was afraid of making a mistake. He assured me someone who knew how to help me would come along.’

Oh, yea he said something else. Said he was late for meeting at his church. Some church member he is. Oh I am sore.

Hey I hear some more noise. Help, help, help me I am hurt. He did the some thing. He looked, said something and left. I barely heard him. I think ho said I should have been more careful and a man in his position shouldn’t get involved in such matters. Someone else surely will come along.

He looked familiar. Yes he is involved in politics holds some important office. He doesn’t think much of the down and ousters. Figures everyone wants a free handout.Boy do I hurt.’

I hear another noise. Help, help me I am hurt. He is coming down here. He doesn’t t smell too good. I know him he’s the town drunk. Imagine that he’s picking me up. Now he is putting in the back seat of his car. Where are we going? to the hospital. Well. can you beat that, the town drunk is helping me when those other two men couldn’t be involved. Imagine that .,...."

I am sure all of you guessed that was a modern parable of the good Samaritan. The good Samaritan can be the most unexpected person who is willing to give of himself/herself in a situation which calls for action. A person who is willing to give with out thinking of the cost, the involvement, is what a good Samaritan is all about.

The other two men weighted their response and found that giving of themselves was to great a price to pay.

They gave so they could feel good not because they wanted to. give out of love. Giving of self can be a very selfish act as we weigh what kinds of rewards we can achieve. However in this parable. Jesus is speaking about giving without counting. or measuring the rewards. Giving from a caring. unselfish, loving heart. Giving because you enjoy and want to give of yourself freely.

The following will help this to become clearer.

"An old time preacher imploring his congregation to be the kind of loving. caring giving congregation which had a wide vision of the, future was calling for some movement some progress on their part.

An elderly deacon became emotionally involved and shouted his amens.

The. preacher shouted ’Brethren this church ought to stand up and run.

’Amen’ Amen . shouted the deacon.

’Brethren this church ought to rise up and fly!!! " shouted the pastor even louder.

The deacon responded with an even louder amen.

The preacher was now shouting at the top of his lungs saying . ’But brethren it takes money for a church to run, it takes money for a church to fly, it takes commitment of your entire self, it takes a sacrifice, it takes a willing heart, it will cost to make this church fly.

’There was a period of expressive silence that lasted several seconds. Then in a subdued tone the old deacon murmured . ’Amen let a walk "Let’s walk....’"

Isn’t it true. we want our church to stand for many things but when a commitment is needed, it is much easier to back down, to play it save. It is easier not to give of self, to hang back to calculate the cost as the lawyer wanted to do in our lesson. Jesus saw through his selfishness and demanded he give freely of himself now.

This is one level of looking at this parable. This morning I would also like to look at some other levels of this parable

The. first being the question the lawyer asked Jesus. He asked "Teacher what shall I do to inherit eternal life?" He is looking for the good life the meaningful life, the satisfying life, the life which God intended for him to have the life that is in a right relationship with God and all of his creation.

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