Summary: Sermon focuses on Jesus as the Good shepherd

The Good Shepherd

John 10:11-18

Introduction: Message about Jesus. (Every message about Jesus) Read it as it appears in

the Message - Eugene Petersons book The Message. Highlight each of these verses as we

go through this morning - Jesus says "I am the Good Shepherd"

> Chapter begins with Jesus explaining a parable of the sheep & the shepherd

> The people did not understand - (not stupid - just never had experienced love like this)

> Good Shepherd - adjective "good" - {excellent-nobel-beautiful-ideal}

> word is KALOS - Implies an inward goodness beyond externals

> Wasn’t the Shepherd concept that they didn’t get it was to good part

> Kings’ shepherded the people -

> Septer of the King grew from the staff of the shepherd

> God had already established in the Jewish heart this

shepherd/sheep relationship was ingrained - David Psalm 23


> Good and Jesus - to the Jew - God was far away - now He is right here

> Establishes His role as the Shepherd then begins to describe His love for the sheep.

> Begins in verse 11 - a description of the relationship that He desires to have with you

and I - He covers many aspects of that relationship that both He and we long for.

* The Good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep

> Pre-crucifixion foreshadowing of the days to come - on this side of the cross we

can see clearly that Jesus laid down his life for us - even then he had

begun to do it - set it in motion - gave up heaven and glory to confine Himself to

a limiting shell of humanity - then ultimately gave up that flesh to be


~ We will come back here but before that - Jesus gives us a contrast to consider

> The Hired Hand

> See’s the wolf - recognizes that the danger to the sheep so great

it could cost him something - A wolf could kill a man - but a committed

man in a fight to the death would have and advantage. No man here Can

fight a wolf at no cost -

> Leave’s the sheep - distances himself form the sheep, wolf wants sheep

see’s me as a threat - will attack me first - get me out of the way

> Run’s away - failed in his responsibility to the sheep, the wolf has won,

he is next so he run’s away

> Picture of exactly what happens whenever we try to follow another shepherd

> any other shepherd - false god of money will desert you in need

> the false god of sensual pleasure will be gone when you lay dying all

alone and miserable

> the false god of religion will leave you cold when you are in need

> The Good Shepherd

> Saw the Wolf that would "pounce" on the sheep - He loved them -

> Gave himself for them - Hireling left the Sheep - Jesus came to us

> Hireling Ran away - Jesus stood between us and the Wolf of sin that would

destroy us - Look at the end of verse12 - Catches - snatches -

& scatters - Teareth - carries some off and scatters

> Jesus is the Good Shepherd & He lays down His life for the sheep -

John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

Verse 14 - Restates ’I am the Good Shepherd’

* I know my sheep & my sheep know me

> Word for "Know" - ginosko-

1) to learn to know, to come to know, to get a knowledge by perception, to feel, to

become known to understand, to perceive, a Jewish idiom for sexual intercourse

between a man and a woman (compare Gen. 4:1)

> God desires close intimacy - not distant servitude -

- Not a hireling a Good Shepherd

- Can not be a one way street - That kind of intimacy can’t happen with out

2 willing parties

> Jesus Claims us as His own - "MY" sheep

- Bethany at Playland - look for opportunities to say "She’s mine"

> Just like the Father and the Son =

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ

Jesus our Lord.

Wolf of sin = death - Gift of God is eternal life "IN CHRIST"

Colossians 3:3 For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.

"they will listen to my voice" - verse 16 - verse 3-5

Hear the voice of the Good Shepherd today

> He laid down His life for you - offers Salvation

> He desires to Know you and have you know him

Embrace the Good Shepherd this morning - gather around the altar this morning

Song - Jesus Lover of my soul

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