Summary: Jesus is portrayed as the Good Shepherd who provides, loves, protects, and cares for His sheep. Will we submit to the good that the Shepherd has done and praise Him in our life?

The Good Shepherd

John 10:1-21


The Shepherd brings many things; provides many things; gives his life for sheep

- Read John 10:1-21 / Pray

∆ Point 1 – The Shepherd gives Security

Jesus begins to testify about Himself

V1 – The sheep pen is familiar to 1st century Jews

Watchmen are more than likely a reference to the Holy Spirit

Shepherd would be Christ

Thief represents those who come to destroy; who try to enter falsely

John describes a very common item of this time

Round pen; secured walls; only entrance is through the gate

The shepherd would stand guard and protect the sheep

V3 – The sheep know the voice

Notice the action words of Christ: opens, calls, leads: action by protecting

V4-5 – They not only listen; but they know the voice

The voice is of the Shepherd is comforting

A stranger is not known; it’s someone who may want to do harm

V6 – Inserted to show their understanding

As He taught, they didn’t get it

∆ Point 2 – The Shepherd offers Shelter

V7 – Jesus id’s himself as the gate

Many have tried to imitate Him then, and today

V8 – But the sheep did not listen

Those who knew the Shepherd (voice of God) were faithful

V9-10 – The shepherd also provides (thief = kill/destroy)

Shepherd = provide life to the fullest; not perfect life, but FULL life

V11 – If the shepherd provides life … how?

He is the one who makes life possible (Genesis 1; John 1)

He also willingly gives His life for the sheep

V12-13 – No one cares for the sheep like Him

Note: The hired hand reference: He is not the same as the Shepherd

He does not value the sheep’s life as the Shepherd does

When the enemy comes, he willingly deserts the protective stance

Peter warned the elders to not be like this hired hand, but to be devoted

1 Peter 5:1-7

∆ Point 3 – The Shepherd brings Salvation

V14 – I am the good shepherd; relays intimacy and closeness

V15 – He knows the sheep; same as the Father knows the Son

Five times Jesus referred to as laying down His life

V16 – Who are the “other sheep”?

-- Non Jews

-- Gentile believers (Acts)

He will meld them into one flock

In a multi-flock pen, knowing the Shepherd’s voice is CRITICAL

V17-21 – Know his words …

Lays down His life willingly for the sheep’s protection

Isa 53:6 refers to this same substitutionary atonement for sin

V17 (rephrased): Because the father loves me; I lay down my life

∆ Big Idea

Incredible picture of sacrifice

Irritates the Jews … causes division even in their own group

V21 – Refer back to who Jesus is

Pivotal question: “How can someone who is evil do good things?”

Will we submit to the good that the Shepherd has done and praise Him in our life?

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