Summary: The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow! Do good anyway!

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow!

Do good anyway!

This is the second time in his 10 Paradoxical comments Kent Keith admonishes us to “Do good anyway” the first time was paradoxical commandment number two which says: If you do good people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives. Both times we are reminded to do good anyway. But,Why? Seriously, what is the point? Take a look around? I could give you all kinds of reasons why it is points less to waste or time on good deeds but lets just look out side at our front lawn I clean up the litter in our front lawn every day and every day we come back and guess how the front lawn looks so what’s the point.

Lets look at a few more

1. why make your bed you just have to get in it again

2. why clean your room?

3. why untie you shoes?

4. why get dressed?

5. Why do your homework The teacher is just gonna give you more?

6. Mark why spend money getting the van washed it is just gonna get dirty.

When I tried to make this argument to my mom growing up the answer I usually got never satisfied me but it was enough to get me to do them she usually said something along the lines of “because you do! Now close your mouth and do it”And while I was doing what ever it was I didn’t want to do I thought to my self “there she goes playing that mom card because she knows I am right.

You see there are things in live that we should do because they are simply th right thing to do and by tomorrow no one we even notice a difference and you and whatever it is you did will have been completely forgotten. SOOOOOOO WHYYYYY DO IT in the first place.

Point 1: Stop Doing Start Being

There is a problem when we start discussing what is the right thing to do and what is the wrong thing to do. Before going into Training I was a youth worker I did youth work at a corps the way aaron does but I also did traveling youth ministry and teenagers will often ask one question about GOD and Relationships. “HOW FAR IS to far” How much can I do with a boy or girl with out it being sin” You guys want to know the answer to that?

The answer is that it wrong Question. You see you are approaching the issue from the perspective of someone who wants to get away with as much a possible. Rather you should be saying I love God with all my heart so how cani honor him with my relationship.

Its not so much about Doing it is about Being and The Bible has a Lot to say about Who we are or better who we should be Turn with me to the beginning

Genesis 2: 4-7

Genesis 1: 27

Made in the image of God

Discus the fall

Thousands of years of falls

Christ Death and Resurrection

Pentecost and Our recreation in God’s image

We have been created to in God’s image to be like God God breathed his spirit into us so that we could be like him if we have been recreated Then our reason for doing good ceases to be to be remembered but because it is the right thing to do.

Kent Keith tells the story of a medical examiner from a small town who attends the funeral of those who have no family. There is no one to thank him for his act of service he just does it because it feels like the right thing to do.

2 Point: We should do good works because that is why we exist that is our purpose God has saved us and given us a personal mission for all of us that includes doing good works

2peter 2:10 says

10For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

We don’t do good workd for the accolades or the recognition we do them because they are part of God’s purpose for us.

Think of how Jesus must have felt on Palm Sunday riding into town men and women throwing their coats on the ground in front of him that must have been beautiful except it was those same people who would turn on Jesus 3 days later and Scream crucify him Crucify him. Jesus didn’t do what he did for the recognition he did it out of Love because it was part of the father’s plan.

Conclusion This morning I am going to be real Honest And Frank even though that is next weeks sermon. Have you growing weary in doing Good? If So than come to the front and be refreshed and leave this chaple ready to do what is right and good so that you can Glorify not your self but our father who is in heaven

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