Summary: This is the first in this series concerning the benifits, responsibilities and inheritance given to the church.


I. Redeemed according to His grace. (vs.7)

A. Jesus chose to give His life for us.

1. Redeemed through His blood.

2. Our sins are forgiven through His sacrifice.

B. Grace is the undeserved and unearned love and favor of God.

1. It’s because of that love that Jesus came.

(John 3:16)

2. We did not earn or deserve salvation.

II. We know His will concerning us is according to His good pleasure.

A. It is God’s desire for you to be saved.

1. Salvation is redemption from the slavery and curse of sin.

2. The effects of the fall are to be broken in our lives.

B. It is God’s desire for you to live an abundant life.

1. Abundance means not lacking any good thing.

2. Matt 6:33 "Seek ye first the kingdom of God."

C. It is Gods desire for you to be conformed to the image of Christ Jesus.

1. To have the attributes of God.

2. To do the works of the Father.

III. We have obtained an inheritance according to His purpose.

A. Our inheritance is available to us now.

1. We must allow God to work our inheritance in us.

2. Our lives are to be lived to give Him glory.

B. Our inheritance is sealed by the Holy Spirit.

1. We know that we’re saved by the inner change he has made.

2. The fruit of his presence becomes evident in our life.

C. The Holy Spirit is the guarantee of our inheritance.

1. He is the down payment of what we are going to receive.

2. Until the redemption of the purchased possession.

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