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The Greatest Verse in the Bible

Reading: John chapter 3 verse 16.


Bill Cosby Story.

• A couple went to see the American comedian in concert;

• They enjoyed the concert so much they decided to get his autograph.

• Not for themselves!

• But for their little baby who was at home with the babysitter.

• They hung around the stage door;

• Soon an employee of the theatre saw them and asked them what they wanted?

• They explained they wanted Bill Cosby to autograph their child’s development/scrapbook.

• The theatre employee took it from them and they waited.

• 10 minutes later he returned and gave them the book back,

• They opened it up and it was blank, so they left very disappointed.

• A few weeks later as they were flicking through it,

• They saw that the development/scrapbook had been written in.

• Under the section; our child’s first words;

• Read the following; “I like Bill Cosby!”


• Muhammad Ali plane story.

• “I am the greatest” & “Superman, him don’t need no seat belt….”


“The heart of the Bible is the New Testament.

The heart of the New Testament is John’s gospel.

The heart of John’s gospel is chapter 3.

The heart of chapter 3 is verse 16!”

(1). Outline:

This verse is built around ten key words:

• (1). "God".

• (2). "Loved".

• (3). "World".

• (4). "Gave".

• (5). "Son".

• (6). "Whoever".

• (7). "Believes".

• (8). "Perish".

• (9). "Have".

• (10)."Life".

These ten words go together in five pairs:

• (1). "God & Son".

• (2). "Loved & Gave".

• (3). "World & Whoever".

• (4). "Believe & Have".

• (5). "Perish & Life".

The five pairs teach us five Essential truths:

• (1). "God & Son" - The ultimate giver and the ultimate gift.

• (2). "Loved & Gave" - The two expressons of God’s compassion.

• (3). "World & Whoever" - The two-fold direction of God’s loving and giving.

• (4). "Believe & Have" - The two things human beings are invited to do.

• (5). "Perish & Life" - The two final destinies.

Quote: Dr. Charles Garfield

“Not everything that counts can be counted.

Not everything that can be counted counts.”

I believe this book the Bible:

• Clearly teaches in regard to life an eternity,

• That which is worth holding on to and pursuing and that which is worth letting go off!

Look at the five pairs

(1). The ultimate giver and the ultimate gift.

"God and Son"

(A). God.


• David Watson who was lecturing at Cambridge university;

• When he was rudely interrupted by a student who shouted out.

“Dr Watson, not only do I not believe in God, I know that there is no God!”

David Watson replied:

“What sum total of the knowledge of universe do you think you know?”

Let me help you,

Einstein said he knew 0.5% of the sum total knowledge of the universe!”

“How do you know that God is not in the other 99.5% you don’t know,

or even in the 5% you claim to know, but as yet is unrecognised?”

(b). Son.


• Coventry cathedral.

• “Look down to see what is above”.

(2). The two expressions of God’s

Compassion. "Loved and Gave"

Loved and Gave.

• Actually don’t miss the little word “so” that is hidden in there.

• It gives the verse an added emphasis!

We all know that talk is cheap!

• True love is always proved by actions!

• That is the greatest test!

Quote: Oxenham

Love ever gives.

Forgives, outlives,

And ever stands

With open hands.

And while it lives,

It gives,

For this is love’s prerogative -

To give, and give, and give.


There is nothing you can to do make God love you more!

There is nothing you can do to make God love you less!

His love is Unconditional, Impartial, Everlasting, Infinite, Perfect!


• A monk who lived in medieval times, announced to the people;

• That he would be preaching next Sunday evening on “The Love of God.”

• The following Sunday evening the congregation gathered.

• It was the end of the day and the light no longer came in through the cathedral windows,

• In the darkness of the altar,

• The monk lighted a candle and carried it to the crucifix.

• First of all, he illumined the crown of thorns,

• Next, the two wounded hands, then the marks of the spear wound.

• In the hush that fell, he blew out the candle and left the chancel.

• There was nothing else to say!

God is the ultimate giver and Jesus is the ultimate gift!

• God the Father expressed his love perfectly.

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