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Impostor - a person who practices deception under an assumed character, identity, or name.

Ferdinand Waldo Demara Jr

was a prison warden, a monk, a lawyer, a sheriff’s deputy, cancer researcher, teacher and a religiously-oriented psychologist, Died a Baptist Minister


- In reality he was actually none of those things.

- Just a great photographic memory

- Known as "The Great Imposter",

- Demara born in MA faked his way through life

- His most famous exploit was to masquerade as surgeon Joseph Cyr (sire) aboard the HMCS Cayuga, a Royal Canadian Navy destroyer, during the Korean War.

During his time as a surgeon on the Cayuga

- Demara performed surgeries

- Infections stopped with lots of penicillin.

- He performed surgery on 16 Korean’s

- Demara would disappear to his room with a textbook on general surgery and proceed to speed-read the type of surgery he was to perform, including major chest surgery.

- Amazingly, none of these patients died as a result of his surgery.

Ironically it was because of his skill as a surgeon that Demara was exposed. According to this article, the removal of a bullet from one wounded soilder made the papers, and when the mother of the real Dr Joseph Cyr read that her son, who operated a civilian practice, was now in the war, she rang him only to be assured by her son that he was indeed still in civilian practice. She then contacted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Demara was exposed for the fraud that he was.

His life and exploits would go on to inspire a movie and the name of a band. When asked to describe why he did what he did, Demara is said to have responded "Rascality, pure rascality."

Ferdinand Demara died in 1982.

The Great Impostor Lives On

This master of illusion has turned angels into demons, kings into animals, pastors into predators, and sheep into wolves

It can swagger with self-importance one minute before writhing in self-contempt the next.

He has hats for every occasion

Its closets are stuffed with masks of deception.

What I find troubling is that without realizing it I’ve walked, laughed, and cried with this impostor.


My exaggerated sense of self importance.

- In one word — PRIDE

- v. 8 - If we say we have no sin

- v.10 - If we say that we have not sinned

Blind Pride I’m OK, You’re OK - 1969 - Self help

– I’m OK I do not need to do anything

Arrogant Pride – I won’t be corrected or humbled

Protective Pride – I don’t think outside of my world, I don’t speak because I might be confronted I don’t act I might get hurt

- Quick to blame others

– I don’t want to be embarrassment or fail..

Vain Pride – How will I look? What do people think of me?

Procrastinating Pride – We can change anytime we want so we never change

Apathetic Pride – Being preoccupied with our own life With it’s problems and selfish delights

- No one else maters.

Moody Pride – Life is based on my feelings. My reaction to uncontrolled events in my life

Spiritual Pride – People see my outside but inside I am prayerless insensitive to the Word and undisciplined with my thought & walk

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