Summary: We were alienated from God, but He undertook the Great Peace Mission.

I. Remember Your Past Relationship. (vs. 11-12)

A. Christless "without Christ."

B. Stateless "from the commonwealth of Israel"

(outside the community of God’s people according

to the covenant rights).

C. Friendless "from the covenant of promise."

D. Hopeless "enjoying no hope.”

E. Godless "without God in the world."

II. Rejoice in Your Present Relationship. (vs. 13-18)

A. Realizing that you have been made near by His

blood. (vs. 13-14)

1. By Christ making our peace.

2. By Christ moving the partition.

B. Realizing that you have been made new in His

body. (vs. 15.18)

1. A new righteousness. (15)

2. A new relationship. (16)

3. A new right. (17-18)

III. Recognize Your Potential Relationship. (vs. 19-22)

A. Recognize your place in God’s citizenship.

B. Recognize your position as God’s children.

C. Recognize you are a part of God’s construction.

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