Summary: Hope and Deliverance

Mark 5:21-29

The Greatest Physician

All of us have visited a doctor’s office at one time or another in our lives. When you go to the doctor you may have noticed somebody making notes in your chart. They record your temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. They record your symptoms as well as your diagnosis. They record any treatment they do. They do this so that any other physician will be able to see what you have already been treated for.

You see doctors encounter some strange cases each and every day. But no matter how strange the case, the doctor has a responsibility to keep it confidential. They won’t discuss your case with family, friends or foes without your consent. I have a couple of patient’s charts here with me today. I know, I know we are not suppose to read the file of another patient, but if you will allow me to today I want to go against HIPPA for your benefit and the glory of God. I want to break confidentiality today and open a couple of case files from the office of the greatest physician ever.

Every case this physician has ever treated, He treats with the same care, concern and compassion. He heals without surgery. He has never been sued for malpractice because He has never lost a patient. His calendar is never full. His waiting room always has an open seat. He even makes house calls. He is not concerned about whether you have COBRA, Medicaid, medical, blue cross blue shield. There is no co-pay or deductable cause He already paid it all.

Who is this great physician? You might call Him Mary’s baby, Job’s horse pawing in the valley, Ezekiel’s wheel in the middle of a wheel. Paul’s arresting officer. The Hebrew boys fire chief, Daniel’s zookeeper. He is my Lord and my King. He is my all in all. This physician’s name is Jesus the Son of the most High God. During the course of His ministry here on earth doctor Jesus encountered many strange cases.

One of His strangest cases is recorded for us in the verses we have before us today. In this case, Jesus the Great Physician doesn't touch the patient. He doesn't prescribe any medicines. He doesn't even make a diagnosis, but His patients are healed nonetheless. This text paints a picture for us of what happens when any sin sick soul visits the office of the Greatest Physician.

Why don’t you come with me as we step into His waiting room. As you can see, there are no magazines to read, no TV to watch. Everybody that is present in this waiting room is there with a serious need. The lame are here. The blind are here. I see blind Bartamus sitting over there. The broken hearted and down trodden are here. Don’t you see the ten lepers standing back there in a corner?

Look over there you will see a man possed with demons. Child the woman at the well and all five of her husbands just walked in. it’s good to see you Lazarus you look good for a dead man. Nicodemus how have you been? Peter just wheeled his mother-law in. the room is crowded, but guess what, there is a seat saved just for you. Is there anybody sick in the house today? Maybe your heart is broken; maybe your bills are due and you don’t know where the money will come from. I don’t know maybe you are lost in sin today, there is a seat saved just for you in this waiting room.

Today we want to focus our attention on just two patients in this waiting room. The first being Jarius’ daughter whom the bible says was laying at the point of death. Look at Jarius, franticly running to Doctor Jesus. Listen at him if you please. Can’t you hear the urgency in his voice? “My daughter lieth at the point of death; I pray thee, come and lay thy hands on her, that she may be healed and she shall live.”

Then we have this woman of our text today. The bible does not name her, it simply says, “A certain woman.” The bible does not give her age but simply says, “A certain woman. It does not list her race, but “A certain woman.” This woman could be you, you or even you. You see all of us are in need of healing for we all have issues of some kind. But if we look a little closes at these two cases you will find that they are totally opposites.

Even thought Jarius and this woman have come to Jesus with an issue, even though they met in the office of the great physician. Even though they both met at the feet of Jesus, they are so different. Jarius was a leading Jewish man; she was an anonymous woman with no position, prestige or power. Jarius was a leader in the synagogue. Her affliction kept her from the house of prayer. Jarius came pleading for his daughter. This woman came with a plea for herself. Isn’t it good to know that just as you can go to Jesus for someone else you can still call on Him for yourself?

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