Summary: The unfolding of the Jews persecution/testing/trials/purifying and the Day of the Lord

Daniel 12-The Great Vision Continues-The End of the Age Unfolded

I. The Last Half of the Seventieth Week of Daniel (Daniel 12:1-3)

A. The Archangel Michael Stands Still (v.1 a)

B. The Unparalleled Great Tribulation (v.1 b)

C. The Deliverance of Daniel’s People (Rapture/Resurrection) (v.1c, 2a)

D. The Judgment of the Devil’s People (Great White Throne) (v.2 b)

E. The Redemption Ministry of the 144 Thousand (Souls for Jesus) (v.3)

II. The Angel/Certain Man/Lord Gives Personal Instruction to Daniel (v.4)

A. Shut up the Words and Seal the Book to the Time of the End

(His prophecy will be opened in that day)

B. Many shall run to and fro

(Many will examine Daniel’s prophecy thoroughly to search out the sense)

C. Knowledge shall be increased

(Illumination of the prophetic texts will produce new insights)

III. The Great Vision Continues as Daniel Looks (v.5-13)

A. Two Additional Angels Appear (v.5)

B. The Angel/Certain Man/Lord of (10:5) is Questioned by One Angel (v.6)

C. The Angel/Certain Man/Lord Answers (v.7)

D. The Answer is not Understood by Daniel (v.8)

E. The Angel/Certain Man/Lord Thoroughly Instructs Daniel (v.9-13)

1. Go thy way Daniel

2. For the words are closed up and sealed till the Time of the End

3. Many shall be purified and made white and tried

4. The wicked shall do wickedly

5. None of the wicked shall understand

6. The wise shall understand

7. From the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away

8. And the abomination that makes desolate set up

9. There shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days

10. Blessed is he that waits and comes to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days

11. But go thy way till the end be

12. For thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days (age)

a. Rest (For thou shalt rest)

b. Resurrection (and stand)

c. Rewards (in thy lot)

d. Return of the Lord (implied)

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