Summary: This sermon shows how loving God and loving your neighbor (The two greatest commandments) apply to all family relationships.

Glenn Robinson

May 5, 2002


MATTHEW 22:34-40

I) The Old Testament Law of God

A) What is the relevance of God’s Law to family in the New Testament

B) What are the benefits of following God’s Law?

II) The most important commandment - Loving God

A) The importance of loving God

B) The basis of our love for God

C) How to love God...

1) With all your heart

2) With all your soul

3) With all your mind

D) The result of loving God

III) The second most important commandment - Love your neighbor

A) 10 commandments that strengthen families

Family is very important to us at Bethany.

Today we will look at the N.T. Counterpart to the 10 commandments and God’s Law.

Family is the building block of society.

Whether you are married or not you probably have family - this applies.

Let’s begin with...

The Old Testament Law of God

A) What is the relevance of God’s Law to family in the N.T.

Moses law given on Mt. Sinai Ex 19 – The Torah, the Pentateuch.

Why teach on the law, isn’t it obsolete?

Then what is the significance of the 10 commandments ? Are they most important ?

Are the 10 commandments still in effect?

Yes, all of the moral law of God is in effect. The ceremonial is not.

9 are repeated in the N.T.

Jesus repeats and intensifies the Law (Matt 5:21-44)

B) What are the benefits of following God’s Law?

Psa 119:165 Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

Much trouble is self inflicted.

Does following the Law of God have an affect on the family ?

The Myth of Separation by David Barton.

"Following judicial rejection of natural law (i.e. Divine law) and the embracing of relativism, the United States has become number one in the world in violent crime, divorce and illegal drug use; number one in the western world in teenage pregnancies; and number one in the industrial world in illiteracy. Relativism has not produced national betterment or prosperity, but rather their opposites! The rejection of Divine law indeed had national repercussions."

Main point - The moral law of God applies to families today.

II) The most important commandment - Loving God

A) The importance of loving God

There are 613 commandments in Moses’ law.

The Pharisees debated which one was the most important ?

The O.T. nowhere states which law was the greatest.

Why did they ask this question ? Were they interested in the Law ?

Jesus answers with The Shema :

Deut 6:4,5 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD: And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

Why did Jesus choose this one? It fulfills all commandments.

Fulfill this one and the commandments concerning the family will be taken care of.

B) The basis of our love for God

Its easy for me to tell you to love God, but how do you do it?

Its based on relationship.

What is the difference between a legalist and a true believer?

A legalist is motivated to service out of OBLIGATION, a believer out of a LOVE RELATIONSHIP.

A legalist says – you earn -> you get.

you want -> you work.

One who loves God says – I work, sacrifice, obey because I want to.

The difference is :

One who loves God obeys because he want to, a legalist obeys INSTEAD of loving.

One who loves God says what is the maximum I can do for my love?,

a legalist says "What’s the least I have to do to make it?

How much bad can I get away with and still get to heaven?"

God doesn’t want us to build strong families merely out of obligation.

He wants our commitment to family out of a love response to Him.

C) How to love God... Vs. 37

1) With all your heart How do I love Him w/ all my heart....

i)By giving Him pure devotion - an undivided heart.

Andrew Murray Waiting on God P.43 "As a man’s heart is, so is he before God".

ii)Giving Him first place in everything

A.W. Tozer Man: the dwelling place of God P. 58. "The teaching of the Bible is that God is Himself the end for which man was created... The first and greatest commandment is to love God with every power of our entire being. Where love like that exists there can be no place for a second object. If we love God as much as we should surely we cannot dream of a loved object beyond Him which He might help us obtain".

2) With all your soul - How do you love God w/ all your soul ?

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