Summary: Christ meets the widow in Nain and doesn’t just look the other way like we are prone to do.


Announce and Read Text: Luke 7:12-15

Jesus had just come from Capernaum where he had seen great faith in the form of a centurion whose slave he healed. He walked into the town of Nain happy to see such faith and suddenly he is hit with compassion for a woman he didn’t even know. Do we have compassion for those we don’t know? It’s easy to have compassion for our friends, family and co-workers, but not so easy for those we have never met.

: Let’s take a minute and see this tragedy in our minds. Can you see the burial procession in the deep recesses of your mind? Do you see the men caring the dead body of a young man? The bible doesn’t tell us how old he was, but I think it’s safe to assume that he was young. Now look at the mother, tears have soaked her entire face. She battles to dry them with the back of her hands with no affect; more tears just keep streaming down her cheeks. Can you hear the howl of the women lamenting for the dead and for this woman. She walks slowly not wanting to hurry because soon she must let go of her son forever. She has no hope of ever seeing him alive again! Paul tells us that we were just like her “with no hope and without God in the world Eph.2:12. That is what you are seeing today in this woman. She is without God and without hope in the world. Do we have compassion for this woman like Jesus did and the millions of others who on this day are walking around in this world without God and without hope.

Point I: He felt compassion

A. Greek: “Splanchnizomai”

B. Means: sympathetic consciousness of other’s distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

C. He wanted to help her

Point 2: He looked at her

A. He didn’t turn his face away or walk on the other side of the street and ignore her

B. He looked at her

C. Story: Walking down the sidewalk in Santa Maria.

Point 3: He spoke to her. .

A. “Do not weep” he said.

B. He was trying to comfort her/he gave her hope (John 9 and woman bleeding)

C. He showed her love and kindness as our Lord usually did

Point 4: And he did something for her.

A. He gave her the greatest gift of all

B. He gave her, her son alive again.

C. He didn’t just wish her good luck and may God bless you!

ILLUSTRATION: We see this throughout the bible:

A. Elijah raises the dead widow’s son in Zarephath (1Kings 17)

B. Peter heals the lame (Acts 3)

C. James 2:15, 16 (read)


We too should feel compassion for the poor and the outcast. We must do it for Christians first but for the world also. When we see them let’s not turn our faces hoping they didn’t notice that we saw them. We need to engage them in conversation. That’s the only way we will be able to teach them about Christ. And let us help them. We need to bring them their necessities in one hand and Christ in the other. There physical needs must be met, but their spiritual needs must be met as well. Otherwise we are no different than the Red Cross if we just provide for their physical needs. The Red Cross is an excellent organization they have helped many people in need, but we are commanded to do more we are commanded to make disciples, baptize them and teach them what Christ has taught us as well as meet their physical needs.. We must meet both their needs physical and spiritual.

These people are in our lives. They are all around us. We can’t but see them. They are in our churches.

We need to do exactly what Jesus did, see them, talk to them and do something for them.

Because Jesus did it and we must follow in his footsteps.

INVITATION: There are some of you out there this morning that are hurting. Maybe your marriage is not working like you would like it to be. I don’t know. Maybe you’re battling with drugs or alcohol. I don’t know what is going on in your life, but Christ does. He can help you with any problems you might have. Come to him this morning. Give yourself up to Christ. Let Him guide you through your life and he can heal your problems. Death and sorrow came in through these doors this morning but life and hope can leave through those same doors if you give your life to Jesus this morning. He sees your pain, he will listen to you and he will do something to help you. Come to him this morning` as we stand and sing!

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