Summary: Jesus gave some of His disciples a brief glimpse of His heavenly glory on the Mt. of Transfiguration. His face began to shine like the sun and his garments became bright with glorious light.


The Hubble telescope has discovered a star in the center of the Milky Way that is

startling in its brilliance. The report of its brightness is astounding, for scientists say it

glows with the awesome radiance of ten million suns. That is power, glory and brilliance

that is beyond our minds to comprehend. Before this discovery the brightest star was

Sirius, which was over 20 times brighter than the sun. This new star makes Sirius pale in


The more we know about God’s creation the more we understand that God is light.

The first thing he created was physical light. The very first words of God revealed in the

Bible are in Gen. 1:3 where God says, “Let there be light.” Light is of the very essence of

God, and of the very essence of creation. Creation came from the Creator, and they have

something in common, and that something is light.

All of life is dependant upon light. Plants absorb light from the sun and produce life,

and animals eat the plants for life. Take the light of the sun out of our solar system and

all life will cease. Life and light are one, for you cannot have life without light. That is

why hell is eternal death, for it is darkness without light, for it is the absence of God,

which is the absence of light. Heaven has no darkness or night, for it is everlasting light

in God’s presence, for God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.

Physicists who study subatomic particles realize that all matter is made up of

vibrations and light. In other words, all of reality is made in the image of God, who is

light. All that the Creator has made has a part of Himself in it, and man is especially

made in His image. Jesus was the light of the world and he said that we as his followers

are to be the light of the world. This means that all people have some of the light of God,

for they were made in God’s image. The believer in Christ rises to a higher level of light,

for they are to have the light of Christ within them that can shine out for the world to see.

But Christ is the most glorious person in the universe, for he is the very radiance of

God’s glory. Some of God’s glory is radiated by all things and beings, but Jesus is the full

radiance of His glory. In other words, He is equal with God the Father, and to see Him is

to see the Father.

Words wobble, language limps, and communication collapses in its attempt to describe

the glory of Jesus. No tongue can ever tell, and no pen can ever write the words that

could convey the glory of the site-of Jesus, the radiance of God’s glory. But those who

love Jesus have tried to do so in poetry. Here is one of my attempts to convey who Jesus

is in these first verses of Hebrews.

Glorious is your radiance.

You’re the essence of all light.

Your majesty’s magnificent.

You’re the most wonderful sight.

But the eyes cannot behold you;

Human words fall impotent;

All our words of praise is due you,

Lord of all omnipotent.

The tongue, nor pen, can ever tell

Of the glory of the Son.

There’s no other that ever shall

Shine brighter than this great One.

Even the darkness of life’s hell

Can never dim His great light.

Let joyous praise in our heart swell,

For He rids our life of night.

He’s the radiance of glory.

He’s the image of our God.

And there is no other story

Like that of the Son of God.

He is seated at the right hand

Of the Majesty on high.

He’s the King of everyone’s land,

For He came for all to die.

Even in life’s stormy weather

He’s the One in full control.

He is holding all together,

Body, spirit, and the soul.

We will praise His name forever,

King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Because of His great endeavor,

We will share in His rewards.

Here we are looking at a Son who is more glorious than all of the suns of the universe put

together, for He is the radiance of the glory of God, which is the cause of all the glory and

radiance of the universe. The awesome glory of the new star that has been discovered is but a

candle in the light of the glory of Jesus. There are no words to convey the brightness of that

one star even, let alone words to convey the brightness of the source of all light in Jesus. All

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