Summary: A biblical examination of the greatest miracle that can happen to a person.

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The Greatest Miracle that can happen to a person

Luke 19:1-9

What is the greatest miracle that can happen to a person?

The Bible mentions 7 miracles that can happen to a person.

1. The blind receiving their sight? That's a miracle. Someone who is blind receiving their sight.

2. The paralyzed walking again? One who was once immobile can now get around on their own. Wow.

3. The dead raised to life? What greater miracle is there that this? The dead living again?

4. The deaf hearing again? The gift of sound to one who was once deaf. Awesome.

5. The dumb being able to speak? To be able to express ones self with word and thought. That's a great miracle.

6. The leper cleansed? The once social outcast being reunited back into society to parities, and public gatherings, worship. Miracle.

7. The demon possessed delivered? The once raging mad lunatic now is his right mind reunited with family and friends.

Those are all great miracles right? Anyone afflicted with any of these issues would consider it a great miracle to be cured. Right?

But none of those are the greatest miracle that can happen to a person. The greatest miracle that can happen to a person is found in Luke 19

Read text.

The greatest miracle that can happen to a person is found in vs9 “salvation”

Salvation, being born again, is the single greatest miracle that a person can ever experience.

Why do we not see salvation as a miracle? It is the greatest miracle. It is the miracle of all miracles that can happen to a person. If you are born again you are a walking miracle. Think about it. Salvation makes a person right with God. It gives them new life in Christ. They are born again, born from above, born of the Spirit. They become children of God. Jesus becomes their savior, heaven become their eternal home, God becomes their Father. They become new creatures in Christ. Enemies of God become friends with God. Children of the devil become children of God. What a miracle.

In fact every other miracle that a person can experience points to this miracle. I want to show you this. Let's consider the 7 miracles I mentioned earlier.

1. Take the miracle of being cured of Leprosy. [Lk 5.12-13]

Leprosy is a very serious, contagious skin disease that kept the person with from making contact with others in society.

They were the social outcast. They were unclean, contagious.

Leprosy represents sin in a person's life. Sin defiles a person and seperates a person from God.

To be healed of leprosy represents salvation. Salvation cleanses a person of sin and makes them acceptable to God.

What's another miracle that a person can experience?

2. Some one who is paralyzed being able to walk. [Lk 5.18-19]

Here is a man who was paralyzed. He couldn't walk. His friends bring him to Jesus to be healed.

Paraylsis keeps a person from being able to walk and from doing the things they want to do.

Paralysis represents sin. Sin paralyzes a person and keeps them from being able to walk with God.

Being healed of paralysis represents salvation. A person who is saved can walk with God and can get around able to do for themselves and others as God pleases.

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