Summary: Revival,is God’s desire for His People, for His church,and for our country.

We all have heard it, "Lord send revival to our church." Lord send revival to our land,"" Lord we need a revival."

Revival is the cry of the church, or is it?

Do we truly understand what revival is?

Is our heart’s desire really for revival to fall on us?

Pastor’s across this great country have been asked, " when shall we expect revival to come to our church, were waiting?" The answer to that question is, if you are waiting on revival to come to your church, and all you do is wait, you never will get it. Revival will only come, when the church is busy doing God’s work.Spiritual leansess haunts the church of God today, waiting it seems has become the church’s pass time. Let me say this when God said to wait on Me, He didn’t mean sit down and do nothing until I come. He meant be busy about the work of the gospel, and anticipate My pouring out My Spirit upon you.He meant to continue to grow close to Him, and He would continue to grow close to us. God so much want’s to revive us, God so much wants to send a revival to America, to the Church, but we are hindering Him with our un-willingness to recieve it. Because you see revival comes when people return to God, what belongs to God. What do we have that belongs to God? Our everything, our heart, our soul, our mind, our strength. In other words when "we" return to God when "we return to His truth, revival will come. God shares with people over and over in His Word, what brings revival. When My people return to Me, When My people turn from their wicked ways, turn from their sins, and call upon My Name.Then I will hear, then I will heal, then I will set you free, then will I pour out My Spirit upon them. Revival is when the church has a renewal in obedience to God’s will.Revival is when individuals have a renewal in their relationship with Jesus Christ and they begin to share Christ with others. Revival is when people begin to be convicted of their sins and they confess and surrender their life to Jesus. In the church across America today we have two types of people, one is those who pray for and desire with all their heart for God to send revival. The other is people who don’t want revival to come to their life or to the church. There are people who don’t like revival’s. Folks when we look at the revival services of yesterday, and look at the ones we have today you can see what I’m saying is true. Revival’s use to last two weeks, three weeks, people being saved, people being sanctified, people being set free from the bondage of sin and addiction. It was a time of great things in the church. Today if you get people to come to a three day revival you’re doing good.A week long revival is almost un-heard of anymore. The Evangelist is almost like the cowboy, their a dying bred. There are alot of reasons behind not wanting revival. One I believe is because people don’t want to turn loose of or put down their idols. It’s been that way for along time nothing new.It was true even back in the days of Jacob. Jacob when he was down in shechem when the Lord told him to arise and go to Bethel. (Gen35). Jacob had to call his family together and have a meeting. He shared with them what God had said, and he shared with them what they had to do. They had to give up their false gods and idols, if they wanted to go where God was leading them.And Jacob took their house hold gods and buried them under a old oak tree, they had a funeral for those household gods. The trouble with the church today is it’s down in Shechem and it doesn’t want to leave, it wants to stay their. So many in the church today, have strange gods, and so many have a lot of differnt idols in their life.Now they don’t desert God altogether, but they don’t trust God totally and completely either. No, their not bowing down to wooden Images, or praying to rocks, but there are idols there in their life that they need to be cleansed from. Like they have known the will of God in their life for along time, and they try to forget it, and do something else because it was to hard. Or they tried to love God, but their love has not been strong enough to keep them faithful to God, and His Will in their life. These are the false gods, idols of today, wrong loylaties and un-faithful service. Can God cleasnses us from the idols? Yes He can, Amen! He promises He will cleanse us from all our idols if we will only confess and surrender. We only need to do what Jacob’s sons and daughters did that day. They put away thier stranges gods, and as they put their many idols away, then God came and visited them. And the breath of God came upon them, and they were revived.We need the breath of heaven in our life, and in our church, and the only way is to put away the things in our life that are hindering God from coming. And call out to God, God will you revive us again, that your people may rejoice in You? There is nothing we should be more concerned about right now, than that God would revive us, revive His church in America.

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