Summary: I believe these three questions are the oldest to ever face the minds of men. 1. How can a man find God? 2. How can a man be just with God? 3. If a man die, will he live again?

Job was a wonderful man of God. The Lord said of him, some things which he never said of any other man of the Bible. Job 1:8; job had suffering come to his life, I guess that no man has ever suffered like Job did, outside of the Lord Jesus Christ. He suffered the loss of his loved ones all at once. There is no greater sorrow in this life than to go to the silent city of the dead and see them lowered into the cold ground of this earth. The bodies of those that we love. Job had all ten of his children buried in one grave.

Then, with one stroke, Job had everything removed from him at one time. He lost every material possession. Then, last but not least, Job lost something money cannot buy. Something men fight for, something that the greatest scientist of all the ages have studied to preserve, the health of the human body. One day, sitting in boils and sores and in sackcloth and ashes he said, “Though he slay me yet will I trust him.” The book of Job deals with the question that has confronted the minds of men so many times. Why does the godly suffer? This book deals with the suffering of a godly man in one year of his life of perhaps 200 years. Out of this book comes these three important questions: Where can man find God? How can a man be just with God? If that man dies, will he ever live again?

I. How Can a Man Find God?

1. Job 23:8-9; Job said, everywhere I looked I couldn't find him? Oh, that I might know where I could find God.

2. Matthew 2:2; The first question people asked when Jesus was born was, where can I find him? Where is Jesus?

3. Men all down through history of the human race have faced this question:

a. I believe this was the question of Martin Luther on the Sancta Scala reading. Romans 1:17

b. Where can a man find God?

4. First of all, men find the Lord through his word. It is impossible to be saved apart from the Bible. John 5:39; 1 Peter 1:23; Romans 10:17

5. Second, you will find him by his Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the agent of God and Salvation. John 3:1-8

6. That great transformation that takes place in the heart of a person when they are saved is a work of the Spirit of God. Titus 3:5

7. When you feel someone talking to you, you fill a presence. Something telling you to go forward, that's the Holy Ghost.

8. You will find him in Jesus Christ. John 14:8-9

9. Thank God I have seen with the eye of faith the Lord Jesus Christ. And in seeing him, I have found God.

10. Then we find him with our hearts. You do not discover God intellectually. You do not go to Heaven headfirst.

11. Someone says, “I could never accept something I could not understand and rationalize.” That is really not true, we accept things every day we do not understand.

a. Electricity

b. Cell Phone Technology

12. The Bible says we find the Lord with our hearts and not our heads. Romans 10:9-10; Revelation 3:20; Luke 19:10.

13. How can a man find God? You can find him here today. He is looking for you, seeking for you, knocking, loving you.

II. How Can a Man be Just with God?

1. There is a reason why Job asked this question. He had some friends. In many ways, I admire these guys. They came for seven days, never said a word, wept over their friend. When they did speak, they spoke to him directly and not about him.

2. They tried to answer the question, why would a godly man like Job suffer? One of them said, “You might be a hypocrite. There's something about your life that's not right with God.”

3. Then Job began to answer, “How can a man be just with God?” That word justified means to be declared righteous. As clean as if you had never sinned, how?

4. David once cried out of the depths of his heart, “for in thy sight shall no man be justified.” Psalm 143:2

5. Paul dealt with this problem in Romans 3:26. How can God be just and the justifier of him that believes in Jesus Christ.

a. One of God's greatest attributes is his absolute holiness.

b. Habakkuk 1:13; God cannot look upon sin.

c. How can that God ever let a man be just in his sight?

6. The Bible deals with this subject many times in the negative. Galatians 2:16; you wouldn't believe how many people there are trying to be justified by works. Titus 3:5

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