Summary: In this last part of Understanding the Kingdom of God series, you will find the greatest weapon we can use against the enemy and the power of God available to you as a Kingdom citizen.

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Matthew 6:33

The kingdom of God is this: God’s way and system of doing things.


Matthew 16:18-19

First time “Church” is used.

We need to understand the position of binding and loosing.

Earth becomes the focal point and man is the instrument of important.

Matthew 18:17

God only hears the prayers that regard His Church.

We would be sad if we believed that the Church was Jewish or Peter or Catholic Church. The devil has people blinded to the Kingdom of God and this was the cause of Jesus.

The key principle in understanding prayer is Binding and Loosing.

Acts 6:2-4

Apostles are moving on with the Word and others are selected to handle other matters.

Acts 7:54-58a

Steven looked up with heavenly glaze (which hurts the Church) and wanted to go to heaven. He told the ungrateful people that he saw Jesus in Glory and then the people stoned him.

God doesn’t not operate in “kasara-sara”. Whatever will be will be – NO.

Acts 12:1-3

Herod was orchestrated and vexed by devil to kill James, the Apostle.

This was not of God; a young Church cannot afford to loose its Pastors.

Herod arrested Peter because it pleased the people.

Acts 13:50

Paul and Barnabas got away.

Acts 14:2,6,19,20

Paul and Barnabas got away because at all cost they must live.

They stoned Paul but the decision had to be made by Church for him to live.

The disciples stood around him praying and Paul was raised up (rose – resurrection).

Acts 16:25-26

Acts 28:23; 30-31

Paul knew his purpose and he testified of the Kingdom of God.

Paul was able to do this because he was prayed back.

Revelation 1:9

In this book is the destination of the Church. After John finished this book, he fulfilled his purpose and was martyred.


Matthew 26:6-13

This is the only thing singled out by Jesus that wherever the Gospel is preached this has to be told – Kingdom Giving. Giving to the poor is not Kingdom Giving.

God has devised a plan for Kingdom Giving. The disciples were upset she did this. She gave away 300 days worth of wages.

Jesus was careful to note that she poured it on His body (Church).

Peter said silver and gold I have none – He was not saying that he didn’t have any money.

As the Kingdom of God spread, they recognized that they needed money to spread the Gospel. They had to give Kingdom Style! They gave lands, houses, etc. and laid at the Apostles feet.

The most valuable of our goods must be bestowed on the Body for proclamation of the Gospel.

Many are living beneath the privileges because they don’t understand Kingdom Giving.

The children of Israel were in Egypt which represents the land of not enough (no straw to make bricks).

God brought them into the land of just enough (manna for each day).

God brought them into the land of Canaan more than enough (land of Milk and Honey).

Matthew 6:33

This is the master key to Kingdom Giving.

Genesis 1:27-29

Blessed – empowered them

First gift that God gave them was dominion.

The second gift God gave them was seed (meat/provision – v. 29).

What can we do with dominion and seed? Take your authority and plant it and make your way prosperous.

Joshua 1:8

Mark 4:26-32

The Kingdom of God is seed and harvest.

Matthew 6:33

Where is this Kingdom of God? The Body of Christ! IN YOU!

We are living in the greatest time of HIStory.

Isaiah 26:19

God is talking about the coming together of the Church, the coming together of the army. The “my” there is Christ. You were in Christ when He was raised from the dead. Now you sit together with Him in heavenly places.

Romans 8:16-17

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