Summary: Donald Trump’s wedding was called the "Wedding of the Century", but the Marriage Supper of the Lamb will be greatest of all. Do you have your wedding garment? Have you sent your RSVP?


By Pastor Jim May

Last year the world was dazzled by what has been called the “Wedding of the Century”. That’s quite a statement since the century has just begun. I wonder what other weddings may occur sometime in the next 95 years that may be more extravagant than the wedding of Donald Trump and Melania Knauss? Certainly this was one of the most grandiose weddings that the world will ever see.

The guest list for the wedding and reception only contained 350 names but those invited were of the highest in social standing. (It really upsets me to know that I wasn’t invited.) The list contained members of Royal families around the world, high profile Hollywood actors, former Mayor of New York, Rudy Juliani, and Regis Philbin of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”. (I guess you had to be one to be at that wedding.)

The bride was given a diamond studded platinum wedding ring that was worth about $1.5 million. Her wedding dress was made of white duchesse satin, had a 13-foot long train and was crowned by a 16-foot long veil. It took 1000 hours of labor from 28 seamstresses to put it together including 550 hours spent in embroidering more than 1500 crystal rhinestones and pearls in swirl patterns that covered the dress. That dress cost around $200,000. Then there was the cake. It was seven tiers high, 32 inches in diameter and weighed 50 lbs and was topped by 3000 white icing roses. The wedding’s final cost is unknown but it was certainly well into the millions of dollars. The cheapest thing that was listed on their gift registry at Tiffany’s was an $8500 porcelain fruit basket. There was only one thing that was done to save a few dollars. Mr. Trump did his own hair. (Some folks say that maybe he should have splurged a little more.)

The biggest question that comes to my mind is this – after all the money is spent and the hoopla is over, I wonder how long the marriage will last? After all, this is the third time for Mr. Trump. I think that he has already planned for the marriage to fail since he forced Melania to sign an ironclad prenuptial agreement before he would sign the marriage license. I wonder if the next wedding, should that day come, will be called the “Wedding of the Millennia”?

The wealthy, powerful and social elite of this world can certainly put on a show, but I want you to know that there is a wedding coming that will put all of their extravaganzas to shame. There is going to be a wedding that will boggle you mind in what the cost in dollars will be, and where the guest list will contain names of multitudes of people, many of whom the world of the rich and famous don’t know. It is almost certain that the names on Trump’s list won’t be there, although they could be if they accepted the invitation that is written in blood. There will be many names of Royalty in attendance. In fact, everyone that is invited is an heir to a throne and they are all called princes and princesses, Sons and daughters of the King.

Their wedding gowns won’t weigh 50 lbs but their beauty will be unbelievable. Each and every one of them will glow like the sun and will be flawless in their appearance, reflecting the purity, holiness and righteousness of the Bridegroom that made them personally for His bride.

What about the wedding ring? I wonder what it will be worth? The ring will be a ring of grace, carrying the insignia of the Lamb of God, and it will be worth more than all the money in the world. In fact, the cost of that ring was everything that God had to give. It cost Him His own Son’s life. The Bridegroom gave his life to purchase that ring for His bride.

Is your name on the list? Will you be at that wedding? Each of you has your own personally autographed invitation from the God of Heaven. But you aren’t invited as a guest, only to sit by and watch. You are invited to be a part of the Bride of Christ, to be united into one body with the Lord Jesus Christ, to become one with Him. His love for you is greater than for any guest. He loves you as His own.

This marriage between the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, and His Bride, those who are truly born again by the Blood of the Lamb, will last for eternity. Jesus doesn’t ask you to sign a prenuptial agreement, even though He has far more wealth and power than all the wealthy of this world combined. He has already given you all that Heaven has to offer. He gave it freely because He trusts you to be faithful to Him forever.

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