Summary: Jesus was worshiped in His manhood, and Jesus is worshiped in His deity, and forever both angelic and human beings will worship the God-Man on His throne. Can there be any doubt that worshiping Jesus is THE GREATEST WORSHIP.

No other being in all of history has been held up as one to be worshiped by all the

angels. God Himself gave the command that all of His intelligent created beings are to

bow down to His Son. He forbids that anyone worship any angel, but He demands that

His Son be worshiped. This should settle it once and for all that Jesus is God, for no one

but God is to be worshiped. He is not an angel, not even the highest of the angels, though

He did play the role of the Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament, but the One that all

angels are to worship. Jesus is the greatest object of worship in the universe, for in

worshiping Him we are worshiping the God of the universe along with all the superior

beings in the universe. Those who thought that worshiping angels would be the highest

form of worship are clearly told here that this is folly, for all the angels worship the Son

of God. He is the One we are to worship. If you want to be a follower of angels, then do

what they do, and exalt Jesus as the ultimate object of worship. If angels are to worship

Jesus, how much more are we to do so?

The angels were for the Jews the highest beings they could conceive of, and

William Kelly has this comment on that: "If any beings had special account or stood

highly exalted in a Jew's eye, the holy angels were they; and no wonder. It was in this

form that Jehovah ordinarily appeared, whenever He visited the fathers or the sons of

Israel. There were exceptions; but, as a rule, He who made known the will and manifested

the power of Jehovah in these early days to the fathers is spoken of habitually as the

angel of Jehovah. It is thus He was represented. He had not yet taken manhood, or made

it part of His person. I do not deny that there was sometimes the appearance of man. An

angel might appear in whatever guise it pleased God; but, appear as He might, He was

the representative of Jehovah. Accordingly, the Jews always associated angels with the

highest idea of beings, next to Jehovah Himself, the chosen messengers of the divine will

for any passing vision among men. But now appeared One who completely surpassed the

angels. Who was He? The Son of God. It ought to have filled them with joy."

One of the things we have in common with all intelligent beings that God has created

is the object of our worship. With the angels we bow before the Son of God and

acknowledge Him as our God. The Father and Son are one, and so to worship the Son is

to worship the Father. If Jesus was not God then it would be idolatry to bow to Him and

worship Him. But God demands that all bow and worship the Son, and so God is clearly

revealing that the Son is equal to Him and worthy of worship. John Bunyan was right

when he said, "If Jesus Christ be not God, then heaven will be filled with idolaters."

This is the worship of Jesus as the Son of God that makes Christianity unique from all

the religions of the world. All religions may pay tribute to Jesus as a great person in

many ways, but only Christians will worship Jesus as Lorde easiest way to determine

if any group is truly Christian, or not, is to ask if they worship Jesus as God. If they do

no, then they are not a Christian group, even if they have many biblical truths and

values. No one is truly biblical and obedient to God who does not worship the Son as

equal with the Father.

When the angels praised God at the birth of Jesus they were not idolaters but obedient

servants of God, for they were commanded to worship the Son and they did so verbally

the very instant that He became a person in history. The Incarnation was a time of

angelic worship, for God was doing something never before done in the universe. His Son

was becoming a man, and as the God-Man He was a valid object of worship, for even as a

man He was still God. It was not idolatry to worship this man, for He was God in human

flesh. He was still the God who created all the angels, and they were to convey their

loyalty to Him as their God by their worship. It is of interest to note that even the fallen

angels felt obligated to worship Jesus. They may have hated it but they could not escape

their duty that was a part of their nature, and so we read in Mark 3:11, “Whenever the

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