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Summary: In this message, I want to tell you of the greatness of the Word of God, so that you will begin to treat it in a way which it rightly deserves.


If there is a great man and you do not know that he is great, then you cannot show the respect, which he deserves. Before deciding how you are going to act with someone, you will be asking yourselves, the following questions: “Who is that person? What is his position in the society? Will I be affected in any way by this person? What can that person do? Will there by any direct consequences which would affect me by his actions and words? Who am I in relationship to him?” If you know the answers to this kind of questions, then you can easily decide how you are going to behave with that person.

Let us consider another example: A man holds a high position of power and authority in the society. Everyone would know how important that person is. But, if this person has small children who still don’t know about the world, then these children cannot understand the greatness of their father. They will only come to know the power of their father only when they grow up and become matured.

In a similar manner, we have the Holy Bible with us in which is written the Word of God. Our attitude towards the Word of God depends on what we know about it. Many people have their own Bibles. But very few know its value and give the proper respect it deserves. Many people do not know the value of the Word of God or the status it has with respect to the entire universe. They do not know the power and authority of the Word of God. The result is that the Holy Bible becomes just another house-hold item in their house.

But, when we know what the Word of God really is, when we stop behaving like those children who cannot understand the value of their father in the society, then we will know the real greatness of the Holy Bible which we hold in our hands. In this message, I want to tell you of the greatness of the Word of God, so that you will begin to treat it in a way which it rightly deserves.

If you already know the value of the Word of God, then this message will remind the things which you already know, so that you can exalt the Word of God in your heart along with me to the Glory of God. I want to tell you some things about the Word of God which reveal its greatness. We shall meditate on these, so that we will begin to exalt it and revere it with all our hearts.


“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away”

- Matthew 24:35

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever”

- Isaiah 40:8

Just look at the night sky. You can see countless stars twinkling beautifully. Night after night, you can see them come without failing. You can observe every star to be at the same location on every night at a particular time. You might have been observing the stars since your childhood. Now you might be a grown-up person. If you had been a diligent observer since your childhood, then you should have wondered about the permanency of the stars. You have been watching them for a long time, but there is no change in them.

Even your father had seen the same stars in his childhood. Even your grand-father and his father had seen the same stars. Throughout the generations, man had been seeing the same stars. But, even these seemingly indestructible stars would eventually be destroyed. This great universe had been in existence since billions and billions of years. But this universe and everything in it will eventually be destroyed. People were overwhelmed by the unlimited space in which they exist. Scientists have found out that, even this great universe will eventually be destroyed. Lord Jesus had already told about this 2000 years back. Yes. This universe is not everlasting. It is not going to exist forever. Can you feel the seriousness of this fact? Just imagine what I am going to say:

You have been seeing a very big tree since the earliest days of your childhood, which you can remember. You have been seeing it daily. Suddenly, one day the tree had disappeared. You look at the same place where the tree was; but you cannot find it. It had been cut down. How would you feel then? You would remember the days when you played under that tree with your friends. You would remember the time when you sought protection and rest under that tree from the scorching heat of the sun. You would remember the time when you sat under the tree, just doing nothing and enjoying the surroundings. You would also remember the time crying alone under the tree when you were hurt. Remembering all these things, you would be shocked. You would become very sad.

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